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We have been having the most amazing, sunny and warm weather in Belgium the past two weeks. I pulled out all my favorite sundresses and skirts and gave my legs that last bit of sunshine before the tights season arrives. While sunshine is fun, and I want to spend whole days outside soaking it up as much as I can, it’s also a bit annoying. You see, I don’t own any sunglasses. And I’m afraid that if I don’t get myself a pair soon, those squint-wrinkles around my eyes will stay there forever. Time to hit and hunt down some sunnies!

Dolce & Gabbana meer informatie - Dolce & Gabbana DG2096/S 061/8GAlexander McQueen meer informatie - Alexander McQueen AMQ 4166/S UYW/CC
 Persol meer informatie - Persol PO0714 24/51Bottega Veneta meer informatie - Bottega Veneta BV 184/S 0AV/CC
D&G Cateye – Alexander McQueen Aviators- Persol Wayfarer  – Botega veneta Aviators
“The Bigger The Better” is not my motto when it comes to sunglasses. I personally prefer light, thinner frames in white, grey or tortoise. These four pairs above are my top picks from the Sunglasses selection, with the Persol one beeing my absolute favorite! 
Like most bloggers, I have a secret love for Ray-Ban. As for most, their Original Wayfarer is high up on my wishlist! As a redhead with pale skin I was thinking I’d go with a tortoise frame, but then I saw the wide selection of Wayfarers SmartBuyGlasses has and I found these to be really fun too!

Ray Ban meer informatie - Ray Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer 1118/71Ray Ban meer informatie - Ray Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer 1122
I wear my prescription glasses about 90% of the time. So I couldn’t leave looking at SmartBuyGlasses’ selection of Eyeglasses too. Immediatly, I got drown to the Ray Ban Wayfarer again, but I also looked around a bit more and found these four pairs that I really liked!

D&G meer informatie - D&G DD1176 675Guess meer informatie - Guess GU1478 BRN
Boss Orange meer informatie - Boss Orange BO 0010 D32Emporio Armani meer informatie - Emporio Armani EA 9866 YW0

I have been wanting a pair of what I call “secretary frames” for along time. They look so chique and sophisticated and would be a great match for my small collection of LBDs. Not to mention they would be perfect to sport on my internship, which will be an office job after all. D&G has a lot of models that fit my “secretary” label, but so do Prada and Guess!

Colour! Colour! Colour! While I always stay on the safe side when it comes to my glasses choosing only tortoise or black frames, my mom encouraged me to try something colourfull. The first pair by Boss Orange is definitely somthing I would go for, it’s red and has that typical nerd look that frames my face beautifully. Where the Boss is loud and has a trendy nerd look, The Armani frame has subtle colours and a sporty vibe. I’m diggin’ it
Oh boy, these are a lot of choices and I can only afford one pair of sunnies! Can you help me pick? Which one is your favorite? Should I go for colour or stay in the safety zone? Help!
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  1. 23 August 2012 / 06:21

    the 3rd is the most beautiful for me

  2. 23 August 2012 / 09:35

    Oei je hebt geen zonnebril?! Amai dat lijkt me idd wel niet zo handig! Sinds ik lenzen heb zijn mijn ogen extra gevoelig en kan ik echt niet meer fietsen ofzo zonder zonnebril wanneer buiten de zon schijnt! Ik heb zelf zo'n fake Ray-Ban pilotenbril 🙂 Ik vond hem erg fijn, omdat hij ook erg dun en fijn is (ik heb het ook niet zo voor dikke zware brillen), maar helaas is hij kapot sinds vorige week (ben erop gaan zitten…). Dusja, nu ben ik ook wel op zoek naar een nieuwe zonnebril! Wss ga ik deze keer voor een echte RayBan pilotenbril gaan 🙂 Veel succes met kiezen haha! ♥

  3. 23 August 2012 / 23:41

    I really love those emporio armani glasses as prescription. They're tame on the outside and wild on the inside.


  4. 24 August 2012 / 01:44

    First of all, did somebody undergo a blog redesign? I can't help but not that your blog looks different!

    I'm a redhead too and I think I can help you with this one – stay safe with the color choices. I too have wanted to do color but everytime I have, I've always gone back to safe browns and blacks. Good luck hunting!

  5. 24 August 2012 / 10:03

    i have to wear sunglasses…my eyes get super sensitive otherwise

  6. 24 August 2012 / 20:04

    like the first four most!!

  7. 24 August 2012 / 21:07

    love sunnies. They are such a must when you're in the sun…not just for fashion! =D

  8. 25 August 2012 / 05:38

    Ooh I love choosing sunglasses! Let us know what you choose :). I'm a glasses wearer too & I can't leave home without my prescription sunglasses (which, as I have the blogger-love for Rayban, are Wayfarers)! <3

  9. 25 August 2012 / 16:39

    Hello I'm new here. I love your blog and I'm following you on gfc.

  10. 26 August 2012 / 04:22

    I want to find some great sunglasses for myself, honestly. I have some semi-okay cheap-o ones, but I need real ones. Are you gonna flaunt whichever pair you choose? (:

  11. 26 August 2012 / 16:54

    I think you should defiantly go for color! I bought a bright red frame and every time I wear it I get an instant confidence boost!

  12. 26 August 2012 / 16:57

    I have RayBan Wayfarers and am sooo pleased with them. As for the colour – I rather stay in the safe zone so I have a black pair of sunnies, but they're red on the inside so they're something special – that's why I love Wayfarers!

  13. 27 August 2012 / 04:21

    You need to get some sunnies soon lady! I don't leave the house without a pair… and usually they are $10 cheapies from Target (because I am forgetful), but I recently WON an expensive pair in a blogger giveaway, and they are very amazing… amazing enough for me to never want to leave them! Happy sunglass hunting… and that sunny weather sounds great!

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