My best friend during the exams: Smoothies!

I don’t know about you guys, but during my exam period I always get really hungy. That would be a good thing if I’d chose healthy snacks, but truth be told, the cookie jar always has a lot more sexappeal than the fruit basket. My solution: smoothies. They’re fun to make, delicious, healthy and energizing. What more do we need!?

All you have to do is peel the fruits, chop, add the milk and shake it all away! Our Kitchen Aid machine is doing overtime these days, haha. I found a bunch of tasty looking variations on the E-nets that I love to share in the next little list:

Frozen Raspberry Lemonade Smooties 
Blueberry, Mulberry & Strawberry Smoothie
Banana Almond Smoothie
Strawberry & Mango Soy Milk Smoothie

Have a Tasty Thursday!


  1. 14 June 2012 / 16:46

    Mmm, this sounds delicious! I've been really into using my blender recently (it was broken for a while) so I'll have to try this flavor combo out!

  2. 14 June 2012 / 17:18

    The best thing about apples is that they mask a lot of other flavors, so you can sneak some veggies in there without even tasting 'em. (: I drink way too many smoothies.

  3. 14 June 2012 / 19:21

    ooh ik drink ook altijd smoothies in de blok! Supergezond en zo lekker ^^ Ik ga deze eens uitproberen! xx

  4. 14 June 2012 / 21:36

    hehe great!!!!! goodluckk

  5. 15 June 2012 / 02:14

    I love smoothies! They are so healthy, and a great way to sneak in veggies for my son. 🙂 <3


  6. 15 June 2012 / 21:58

    I absolutely love smoothies! They always encourage me to eat more fruit too – I just hate the cleaning up afterwards haha!

  7. 16 June 2012 / 02:26

    so cute! excited to follow your blog 🙂 love the design – that pale pink on the side bar is so pretty. and these recipes look awesome! love smoothies 🙂

  8. 16 June 2012 / 13:20

    Ooooh love smoothies. Exam time makes me eat non-stop. I have to be munching away at something always. It's bad…. 😛

  9. 16 June 2012 / 17:33

    Whoa, that sounds so good! My fav are strawberry mango…or anything with mango rather 🙂

  10. 17 June 2012 / 15:37

    Looks amazing! I just finished my exams today so I am incredibly happy and excited about that.

  11. 19 June 2012 / 18:59

    i love your photos here! mmm smoothies are always delicious, and rather filling too!

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