Hey! Introduce yourself: Line-Up 2

This is already the second, and last edition of my July series. Basically I wanted to give (young) bloggers a chance to introduce themselves to my readers. It’s fun, but I have to much trouble with the images. I can see them… But apparently I’m the only one. Maybe it’s the browers, I use Chrome… . Anyways. This is the reason why there are 5 girls in this line-up. I’m calling it quits 🙂 but I still wanted to give these fabulous girls a chance to introduce themwelves.

Enjoy this XL line-up of fashionable ladies! 


The House of Shoes


My blog style is about fashion and photography. I’ve always had a love for anything whimsy, magical, and vintage!!! My personal style is a slightly modern twist on vintage, and so was my wedding. You can see both my weekly fashion and photography on my blog. I love anything aqua colored, sparkly, Paris-related, highly adorable at a low low price, floral, or high heel-ed. Oh and Audrey Hepburn is my idol. I want to be her. 🙂


Take Only Memories

Hi everybody, my name is Vanessa and my blog is Take only Memories (http://www.takeonlymemories.com). Take only Memories is a style blog where I post my outfits and write about what inspires me. I love films, art and photography and I try to take interesting pictures that might even tell a little story. My personal style varies a lot depending on my mood. Usually it is a mix of modern and vintage, heavily influenced by movies and paintings. Come on over and introduce yourself, I’d love to “meet” you! xoxo


The Sweetest Escape


My name is Stevia. I will be 22 year old this September. I love peter pan collar, puppies, and anything vintage (yes that yellow beetle car is indeed vintage. can’t you see all those rusts?). Amongst all, I love life 🙂


Simply Tatiana

Like my little blurb says (www.simplytatiana.tumblr.com), I’m a musician. Here’s a bit more about me. I started the violin when I was 5 for fun, and switched to viola when I was 15. I’m trying my dream of being a musician, and currently I’m a grad student trying to finish up my schooling so I can start auditioning for things. I stumbled upon fashion blogs about a year and a half ago, and seeing other girls as into fashion as myself, I thought, I can do that too! To keep myself sane as a person I have interests outside of music and they basically consist of the girliest things like fashion, shoes, decorating homes, astrology, numerology, animals, and the list goes on. My style is usually pretty classic, clean and simple (hence the name, “simply tatiana”). I don’t usually follow trends, and I go for what I like. What you see is what you get, Simply me, no one else. I have a hard time explaining myself to other people, so I’m just Simply Me. As I continue to blog, I will incorporate more musicians, because frankly, I know a lot of musicians with great style. I’m so tired of hearing about the “starving artist,” so my blog is on the internet to show people that we’re real people too!


Hi there
I’m a Business Management student from Switzerland, blogging about my “other passion” for style and design. Apparel and tailoring, art and drawing, design and creativity have been part of my life since forever. I see so many beautiful, lovely and inspiring things everyday that I felt the urge to collect and share them… So that’s why I started my blog about 6 months ago and it became an important creative outlet for me. And of course the interaction with other bloggers is a great source of inspiration for me too! 
So visit me on nina-oliva.blogspot.com ;-).

xox, Nina


Happy Friday!



  1. 22 July 2011 / 10:47

    cute idea 🙂 but I can't see the images…


  2. 22 July 2011 / 14:46

    That is such a great idea. I love to read about great blog I dont know, yet 🙂 And nice blog you got btw 🙂


  3. 22 July 2011 / 15:20

    fabulous initiative, spreading the love! but you are right about the photos, i only can see Tatiana's photos!

  4. 22 July 2011 / 15:35

    Thank you for your sweet comment! I love that you are taking your time out to help out new bloggers (like I am!). I can't wait to see more posts from you!


  5. 22 July 2011 / 16:00

    I can't see some of your pictures! But the ones I can see are really great.
    You have a lovely blog.


  6. 22 July 2011 / 20:27

    Wow love your blog!
    the outfits are really cool! love them

    check out my new post: Creamy and glossy
    would love to have you as a follower

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