Nerdy Me

Oh crap. After I read this post on The Veda House I did some thinking. 
I realised that I had quite a few nerdy feautures myself.
Get ready for a list of things you might not (want) to know about me.
1. I am a ginger. And people tend to notice that. Some people yell ‘Hey Ginger!” at me and then I stop. Stare. Look shocked. Scream. Look around. and yell back “Where!?” … They’re asking for it.
2. I live in the past. Play me some Roxette, Bon Jovi and Journey please. I am an 80ies wild child!
3. I am already practising my shades move, if I ever go to Miami, I am so going to act like David Caruso. 
4. I haven’t been out to a real big party/club in over a year. My friends go weekly.
5. I always make homework long before due date. But I always say I still have to start a week before… 
6. My Ipod has 458 songs on it. My ‘music I shouldn’t have on my iPod’-playlist counts 104 songs. That’s 23%…

7. I played several MMORPG’s. I played several whats? Thank god, you don’t know!

8. I can sing the whole pokémon theme song. And yes, it’s on my iPod.

9. The ‘Epic rap battles of history’ are awesome!

10. I always arrive long before I have to be somewhere. In other words: I am never too late! I get stressed if I am 5 minutes over time…

11. I love my playstation. I am addicted to the GTA series, for reals. ADDICTED!

12. I am not even going to start about Harry Potter…

13. I used The Sims to take revenge on all the people I didn’t like

14. I go to bed at 9pm

Okay, I can relativize this, maybe these aren’t too bad.
Do you have some geeky/dorky features?
PS: I am going to continue writing this post all day, ’cause I keep coming up with new things x)


  1. 12 April 2011 / 11:23

    haha you seem an interesting person! and the 80's are the best!

    xx J

  2. 12 April 2011 / 11:40

    Ha, I have a little brother, I know what an MMORPG is! I can relate to some of your points here.. I never go clubbing either, it's just not my scene! And I bet I once knew the whole Pokemon theme song, I was obsessed when I was younger! As for the homework thing, I WISH I was like that! I'm so bad for procrastinating!

  3. 12 April 2011 / 12:45

    Plenty of geeky qualities let me tell ya!

    I listen to podcasts about tech, watch lots of sci-fi shows, like video games, Doctor who, harry potter, have watched every classic Disney movie. (Meaning from snow white to tarzan.) Speak fluent french, and am obsessed with words and languages. Trying to teach myself computer programming
    Love super heroes and have a phone from 1999 because it has the original snake game on it :p A Nokia 3210. I have 1961 songs on my iPod and 220 of them are Beatles songs

  4. 12 April 2011 / 13:03

    Hi! Yes indeed it is Kew Gardens, it's quite possibly my favourite place in the whole world! 🙂

  5. 12 April 2011 / 13:57

    You are so precious! I am a mega nerd too. And the time thing…I absolutely freak about being late!

  6. 12 April 2011 / 15:38

    I can sing the pokemon song too 🙂 😛

  7. 12 April 2011 / 16:36

    I'm also a fan of Roxette, have always loved this swedish band!

  8. 12 April 2011 / 16:56

    eeee. This list makes me so happy. NUMBER EIGHT 🙂 Pokémon was basically my childhood–along with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. And I get super duper stressed out if I'm anywhere close to being late. To the point where I'm a bit snippy. So sad for my poor boyfriend. + I never got into MMORPG's, because in high school, my parents still had dial up… which I'm sort of thankful for now. Because that'd just be another addiction to nurse.

    Cheers! 🙂

    <3 Lea

  9. 12 April 2011 / 17:13

    Haha, zo grappig :)Iedereen heeft wel van die nerdy trekjes, zeker? 😉

  10. 12 April 2011 / 18:27

    hahah 6 and 8 are my favorites – i can totally relate! p.s. i have a huge bias towards redheaded people – i think red hair is just sooo beautiful. i hope that somehow i have little redheaded kids one day! but don't worry, i'll love them regardless of which hair color they end up with… haha

  11. 12 April 2011 / 19:06

    i think your hair is beautiful 🙂

    harry potter is amazing. i want to marry him.

    also.. i love long island, but i would also gladly swim across the ocean to see belgium one day too!

  12. 12 April 2011 / 19:35

    Ahaha I love this post. Everyone has an inner nerd side and I think its fun to bring it out. Life wouldn't be the same without it!

  13. 12 April 2011 / 20:14

    LOL 🙂 i frequently rifle through my dad's 600+ comics, make poetry/psychology jokes, know computer tech speak and love sci fi. there, i said it. xx

  14. 13 April 2011 / 16:46

    haha super leuke post! 🙂

  15. 18 April 2011 / 08:55

    Oh yes MMORPG!!!! Finally a blogger who's heard of it and actually played it, lollies. Never came acros with a one so I am overly excited at the moment. Talk nerdy to me, I'm more than happy hahah! Nervous about the DH part 2? I know I am.
    (Ok, freaky nerdy girl – off.)


  16. 2 May 2011 / 14:31

    HAHAHA ik deed vroeger net hetzelfde met de sims, burnnnnn burnnnn!!!

  17. Allie
    14 January 2012 / 23:30

    Salut! I stumbled upon your blog while "Googling goggles" you might say, or checking out similar faces to mine to pick the best frames (I'm pale and a redhead too, but not Belgian.. my college roomie [also named Nikki] is, though – interesting coincidence!). Anyway, #13 made me LOL so hard – I used the Sims to duplicate my friendships and crushes, which is kinda opposite, so reading what you did with it is just hilarious. ANYWAY, love the blog, and you sure rock the specs! 😀

  18. 15 August 2012 / 21:13

    Hahahahaha, ik heb echt meerdere keren luidop gelachen toen ik dit las! echt heel leuk

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