No sound but the wind

Today I’m sharing a little bit of my photography with you. I know, I know, I am by no means a pro at this but I just found these photos to be so magical! Who knew it would be this hard to photograph dandelion sead heads!? We blew about twenty of these and took more than a hundred photos, but only these three turned out good enough. Even on my fastest shutterspeed these little fluffies fly away too fast, haha. 
Last Thursday I met up with a real photographer in Antwerp. She’s asked me to model for her fashion in the studio assignment and I was more than happy to do so! While waiting for her in the Central Station I channeled my inner Laurein / fashionista and drank a not so stylish non-Starbucks take-away latte with hazelnut sirop. Delicious! Note to self: you must do that more often. The shoot was so much fun and apart from the ones where I was trying to balance my clutch on my head all the photos turned out really good. I can’t wait untill she sends them over so I can share them with you. I hope she gets good grades on the assignment too.
For those who asked: my prom pictures still haven’t gone online! I am anxciously waiting for them myself. I hope they turned out better than they did last year, haha. Anyways, i’ll be back on Friday with a new post on The Simplicity Project. Stay tuned! 


  1. 9 May 2012 / 17:00

    haha ik voel me vereerd! vrijdag ga ik er weer eentje drinken. Naar einstein coffee gegaan? 🙂
    toffe foto's, de vorige waren ook goed. Love the 50 mm missy x

  2. 9 May 2012 / 20:08

    These are definitely magical photos. It's reassuring to hear how you had to go through many to get to these three. It makes me feel better that I take dozens just to like a couple. =)

    These really are lovely images.


  3. 9 May 2012 / 23:19

    very beautiful post….

  4. 10 May 2012 / 02:07

    I like your pics ♡ now im following you 🙂

  5. 10 May 2012 / 09:47

    Haha, what a coincidence! I blew dandelion seeds just yesterday after probably a million years. Lovely shots xxx

  6. 10 May 2012 / 09:50

    GORGEOUS photography, miss! Jen's allergic to those little poofy flowers, but they sure are cute!

  7. 10 May 2012 / 11:43

    wonderful photos, I think you are quite talented! and I'm sure that this time the photos will be better – flash, my boyfriend (who takes my photos) also hates flash 😉

    xxx Anita

  8. 10 May 2012 / 12:26

    Lovely pictures, really beautiful 🙂

  9. 10 May 2012 / 13:38

    Beautiful pictures Nikki !!

  10. 10 May 2012 / 15:38

    these photography shots turned out great. I've always wanted to take a few pictures of these flowers.

    xo erica

  11. 10 May 2012 / 15:59

    Wat een mooie foto's (overal op je blog eigenlijk btw 🙂 )!
    Ben al benieuwd naar je prom foto's en je fotoshoot!

  12. 10 May 2012 / 18:25

    I love your shots! It's just a matter of sticking with it like anything. In a couple of years I'm sure you'll be a great pro. Can't wait to see your photos from the shoot!
    xo Mary Jo

  13. 10 May 2012 / 18:44

    Wow, that is amazing–both the picture and the modeling! Congrats! I've tried to take water splashing pix before and it's agony lol!

  14. 10 May 2012 / 23:41

    These photos are so lovely! You definitely have talent, miss. xo.

  15. 13 May 2012 / 02:03

    These are so pretty, I love the simplicity. The first one is especially great, I can just see the little seeds blowing around 🙂

  16. 14 May 2012 / 04:38

    These are very pretty! They remind me of summer! Great job

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