Say It With With A Slogan Tee

Slogan Tee
Slogan TeeSlogan TeeSlogan TeeSlogan TeeSlogan TeeSlogan TeeSlogan Tee

T-shirt: Brownie | jeans: Levis | shoes: Vans

Hello, Baby! I admit I flash this T-shirt at my boyfriend sometimes, haha. Or at my friends. Oops. “Say it with a slogan tee” has been everyone’s motto the past few months or at least it seems so when I look at my Instagram feed. As always I’m a laggard.

I love the idea of slogan tees, but never really felt like they fit with my everyday style. I’m Plain Jane when it comes to clothing and it has been quite a while since I did something bold with my style. That all changed when this t-shirt caught my in a store in Seville this summer. I loved the pop of red and the t-shirt has a nice fit and is incredibly soft. I bought it then and there, but after we came home it just sat in my wardrobe. I’ve seen so many people style slogan tees on blogs and Instagram, yet I was really clueless about to how I could wear mine. Some days I put it on and thought “why the heck did you buy this!?”, haha. Four moths later and I have to admit that I’ve only worn it twice. One time was only for the sake of this outfit shoot. I wanted to do a little style experiment to break things up here on the blog, but I’m not sure if the experiment was successful. I feel like the look would have been more “me” if I had thrown on a blazer and switched the Vans for a simple pair of black heels. Any other suggestions how I could style this baby (ha! Get it?) up? I’d love to hear some!


  1. 22 September 2017 / 02:44

    Oh you could definitely dress this up with heels and a blazer too!

    Slogan tees are so fun to wear, I have a few band tees I tried to come up with different ways of wearing recently. With printed skirts, maxi skirts, and the standard jeans. You could try adding a vest or as you said a blazer. They could also work with a blazer and pencil skirt for casual Friday in the office! 🙂

    Hope you are having a lovely week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. 23 September 2017 / 13:23

    This way is fun too, but I like the way you thought to wear it with heels and blazer. I also like Mica’s suggestions of skirts (you have pencil skirts. That could be a cute weekend look to pair it with those).

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