Long time, no see

School is killing me. I had almost no time to see my girls the last semester, and this one seems to be even worse! As you might know I squeezed out for a daytrip to Bruges and the seaside last weekend, but that’s not all I did. After years and years I finally made it to an art expo where one of my friends was featured. She has some awesome work, mostly photography and paintart. She is totally into the scene and I am an art rookie



  1. 24 March 2011 / 17:48

    Trust me, you're not alone. School is literally ripping me to shreds and I'm going to die without my break in a week. I just need it! These pictures are lovely.

  2. 7 April 2011 / 03:19

    Nikki, these are incredible! your friends art is otherworldly – i love it! thanks for sharing and for your super sweet comment. i think your blog is quite something too. ♥

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