New love for an old flame: Rebecca Minkoff

When I was in my junior year of High School, I wrote on a piece of paper two things I really wanted to have in my wardrobe when I was “grown up”.  Recently I found said little piece of paper hidden in my old jewelry box, and was reminded of the wishes I had when I was 13. The two things on the list are a red DFV wrap dress and the Rebecca Minkoff Matinee handbag in wine red, because Vanessa Hudgens had one and I loved her style back then. Looking up photos of the Matinee instantly brought back my old love for Rebecca Minkoff. This season, the Morning After Clutches are popping up on every bloggers shoulder, and even though they are basically this years Michael Kors Selma tote, I cannot not admit that I love them too. The pastel ones are just too cute to pass up, and since I still have a little money saved for an MK Selma that I eventually never bought, I don’t have to feel guilty about satisfying the freshly awoken 13-year-old in me. Unfortunately, Rebecca Minkoff handbags are a rare find in Europe and even if you can track them down, you will pay almost twice the dollar price. And that’s when handbag dreams get shattered. Life is unfair, isn’t it?
Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. (mini) in White • TortoraTurqoise & Biscuit 

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