Farming girl

NW3 by Hobbs “Irina” dress • Christian Di Riccio via Torfs strappy sandals 

I, very lovingly, call this dress my farming dress. The fresh blue color and fun off-white and turquoise squared print remind me so much of the pottery you find in typical English (or even Dutch) country-side homes. Not that I have actually been inside one, but I like to think I’m an expert now that I have seen basically all existing episodes of Midsomer Murders and even the occasional Kirstie’s Homemade Home. About that last show: how many coats does she have!? She wears a different one in every scene. Considering it’s rumored to always rain in Britain, maybe it’s only logical she has a closet full. 

So, now that we have landed on the classic blogger topic “the weather”: the rain has been coming down with buckets since Friday and I don’t think it’s going to stop any time soon. We  celebrated my fathers 50th birthday with a fancy family dinner this Saturday, and since it then looked like Sunday could be a good one K and I planned to go for a nice long walk in the forest. We looked out of our window the next morning but it was still raining. The forest resembled more a site where a small storm had just passed through. There were broken-off branches everywhere and the streets were covered in leaves and a thin layer of mud. A few trees had cracked and were hanging dangerously low. An ambulance blocked the street until the fire department arrived to lift up the trees. I don’t think our car would have been able to plow through all that mud, and I didn’t really found the thought of getting my nicely cleaned boots stuck in that brown mass very appealing either. Instead, we turned around and made our way to Antwerp earlier than planned to visit with K’s grandma and her puppy. Puppies make everything better.

My friend Bianca took these photos at  the historical site in my hometown. There’s a huge old farm there that used to be a part of the local prison. They’re currently restoring the entire site, but the west wing is still untouched by the workers and therefor was the perfect backdrop to showcase my farming dress. Imagine it with a trench coat, and you’ll see the outfit I wore on my first day of school this year by the way. 

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  1. 14 October 2013 / 09:41

    That is such a cute dress! 🙂

    Sorry about the rain, I hope it clears up for you soon!

    Away From The Blue

  2. Александра Захарова
    14 October 2013 / 09:51

    I'm in love with your farming dress))) It's so pretty and chic!!! Those photographs are simply adorable, each of them) This historic site is really beautiful and picturesque!!! Thank You for sharing such a nice post!

  3. 14 October 2013 / 14:04

    If it makes you feel any better, it's rainy and cold here too. I am enjoying it though! Glad you were able to make other plans and have a good time. Like you said puppies do seem to make everything better 🙂

  4. 14 October 2013 / 14:20

    Happy Birthday to your dad, you beautiful girl. That dress is gorgeous on you. And hey, it is snowing again here (though, grant you, that is less wet than rain, so maybe we still have the better deal, weather-wise); hope the sun comes out!

  5. 14 October 2013 / 14:34

    This dress is perfection on you! The color and fit look so amazing on you! I love the backdrop! How interesting that it was a prison!

  6. EnterKelly
    14 October 2013 / 14:36

    Love the dress and gorgeous shots! We actually haven't had much rain surprisingly… but I'm sure that means November will be raining constantly…Ugh. Oh well. Such is life.

  7. 14 October 2013 / 15:56

    Ehehee could you get any more ADORABLE than that? Love the blue dress with your gorgeous hair. Blue is definitely your color

  8. Mademoiselle Sophistique
    14 October 2013 / 16:39

    wat een superleuk kleedje! gaat prachtig bij je haar

  9. 15 October 2013 / 15:33

    Wow all of your outfits are so lovely.

    That blue + your hair + that barn door is perfection

  10. 15 October 2013 / 19:00

    Very pretty! I can definitely see how you associate it with farms, though from the title I was expecting overalls and plaid flannel! 😛

  11. Court | love court xoxo
    15 October 2013 / 19:33

    What a beautiful historical site to have in your hometown- those doors are killer! Perfect background for your beautiful dress 🙂

  12. K W
    15 October 2013 / 19:40

    hahah you are too cute. i love the dress.
    and fall always calls for some crazy weather, i swear!


  13. 15 October 2013 / 19:49

    Really really love this dress and it looks fantastic on you!! And that background – gorgeous!! And as much as I love the sun, sometimes its amazing when it rains buckets!! 🙂 xo

  14. 15 October 2013 / 21:58

    Leuk kleedje! Het past mooi bij de achtergrond 😀

  15. 16 October 2013 / 00:28

    Really pretty dress! and i love the shoes you paired it with, and of course the backdrop.

  16. 16 October 2013 / 06:05

    prachtig jurkje!
    xo, cheyenne

  17. 16 October 2013 / 06:09

    Ik moest ook aan 'farming' denken toen ik deze post zag. Wel heel mooi hoor!

  18. Amélie De Rycke
    16 October 2013 / 10:14

    jouw settings zijn altijd ZO mooi!

  19. Elisabeth Gringeri
    16 October 2013 / 13:52

    love this dress – and love your adorable self

  20. The Adored Life
    16 October 2013 / 14:59

    Well. this is certainly the chicest "farming" dress I have ever seen. That color against your skin is just stunning!

  21. 16 October 2013 / 18:34

    What a freaking gorgeous building. There are so many happy things in this post, clean boots and puppies being the best ones. Glad you survived the storm. 😉

    xo Ashley

  22. Kalie Humbarger
    16 October 2013 / 22:46

    I absolutely love that blue against your hair! Perfectly delightful.

  23. Paulie Antiques
    17 October 2013 / 02:48

    your heels compliment your dress and hair perfectly! I love this! And my favorite is the last photo! Thank you for the really kind words on my blog… you're a sweet heart. XO!!

  24. Melina
    17 October 2013 / 04:04

    First of all, this location? So gorgeous! As are the photos. 🙂 Love that dress, I feel like it's a great transition piece for when it starts to cool down. I love this look and it will work equally as well with an amazing pair of boots!

    xx Melina

    Pale Shadow

  25. 17 October 2013 / 07:53

    Hihi, heel leuk jurkje!
    En een super locatie voor de foto's (:

    Liefs, Liese

  26. Le Chat Noir
    17 October 2013 / 08:03

    Echt een happy look! Heel mooie foto's!

  27. 17 October 2013 / 10:45

    Mooi kleedje! Dat kleur gaat heel goed samen met je haarkleur. Echt prachtig! En die locatie is echt super.

  28. 17 October 2013 / 11:36

    I can see how you call this your "farming dress"…the color looks stunning on you! That weather sounds crazy, it's amazing what one storm can do. Glad everyone was safe and you were able to drive out!

  29. Lady à la Mode
    17 October 2013 / 15:33

    this dress is sooo cute on you! it really makes your hair color pop… cutie!


    Lady à la Mode

  30. Hannah Gottlieb-Graham
    18 October 2013 / 22:57

    This dress is so lovely and you totally rock it! I like that you kept the focus on the pretty dress instead of going crazy with accessories!

    Xo, Hannah

  31. 19 October 2013 / 21:34

    Oooh dat kleedje is echt zo reuze schattig bij jou!! Al goed dat je niet bent gaan wandelen in dat weer 🙂 Maar wees gerust, er komen nog genoeg wandeldagen 🙂

  32. Maria Antoinette
    24 October 2013 / 09:00

    Jurkje staat je echt super!! Ik ben zelf wat rossig en dit zou mij ook passen. Love it gurl!



  33. 29 October 2013 / 09:52

    Echt mooie jurk! En leuke locatie om erbij te gaan 🙂 zo bizar dat dat ooit een deel van een gevangenis was eigenlijk :p

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