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J.Crew dress • Forever 21 ring • Carpisa bag • Christian Di Riccio Shoes

Much like Canterbury and me, this dress and I are a perfect couple. It’s navy, it’s lace and it’s J.Crew. Can’t get much better than that! This week has been a very busy one so far. Right after I got back from Canterbury, my friend J and I packed our weekend bags and went to dance, sing and eat good food at Markt Rock in Leuven. We ran into Siel and enjoyed a gig by local beat boxers and a concert by Bart Peeters. It was an overall fun experience, and my first time visiting the festival. Yesterday we spend a day in our capital city Brussels. I should have thought twice about my footwear for the day. Breaking in new flats when crossing a city is apparently not such a good idea… . I did bring my camera, and will show you a peek at what we saw in a post soon. Today we’re headed back to Antwerp for a lunch, some exploring for K’s student club and a party with friends.  

Reading your comments on my Canterbury post has given me much joy. It’s the first time I actually wrote about my travels so extensively, and it was nice to hear that some of you have taken notes of what places they’d like to see for themselves too! In three weeks, I’ll be back across the North Sea. This time my mom is coming with me and since she hasn’t seen much other places than our hometown, we’ll be probably doing a lot of touristy things. What is your idea of a perfect travel post? What should be in there and what shouldn’t? I’d love to hear your opinions so that I can make my posts a pleasure to share!

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. 15 August 2013 / 11:11

    Such a beautiful lace dress, it looks great on you and I really like it with the tan accessories! 🙂

    So good you have more trips planned – you take beautiful photos, I look forward to seeing them 🙂

    Away From Blue

  2. 15 August 2013 / 11:44

    I like your shoes.

    My favorite part about travel posts are pictures, and the little details that make me feel like I was there. like the story of the old woman inthe coffee shop in your last post. I really liked that.

  3. 15 August 2013 / 12:14

    Jij staat zo goed met donkerblauw! En die ring is prachtig 🙂
    Ik heb niet veel ervaring met vakantie posts, maar ik zie graag veel foto's + aanraders welke verborgen winkeltjes ik niet mag vergeten 😉

  4. 15 August 2013 / 14:30

    Wauw zoveel gereis, zalig! Ik zoek graag achteraf posts op om te herlezen als ik er naartoe ga, dus veel informatie is goed 😉
    Naomi, x

  5. 15 August 2013 / 14:51

    Great things to think about as I am traveling to Dubai and India next week. I think I will concentrate on what the local style is like and things that surprise me. In Southern India, the women don't show their legs or shoulders, there is no American-style breakfast food and dinner is after 9 pm Customs are different – no one says 'bless you' if someone sneezes. I can't wait to discover Dubai!

  6. 15 August 2013 / 15:53

    This dress is 100% class. I have an obsession with J Crew, navy, and lace, so naturally I'm loving this dress on you! You look so elegant!

    Xo, Hannah

  7. 15 August 2013 / 17:58

    Navy and you equates to a great combination. That color is just fantastic for both your hair and complexion.

    I loved your Canterbury post! A perfect travel post, huh? Bright, lovely pictures (no problem for you!). I also like seeing a bit about what people did and their impressions of it (what did they like, any history they found interesting etc.) and where they eat or shop can also be fun. Basically if you are sharing what you loved about your trip, the readers will love it too.

  8. 15 August 2013 / 23:11

    goodness, i love this dress.
    so perfect. love the lace.

    travel posts, i like just seeing lots of photos duh.
    i like seeing food and i always love seeing people.


  9. 15 August 2013 / 23:24

    Hello Miss!
    Such a beautiful dress! I should know, because I have a nearly-identical(Calvin Klein) one! Navy is one of the best colours for redheads!

  10. 16 August 2013 / 02:35

    Breaking in flats for me is difficult even just walking to a bus stop! I couldn't imagine walking around town all day… But that dress is gorgeous!

  11. 16 August 2013 / 04:52

    you had me at navy & lace & J.Crew! Pure perfection pretty lady! I love how you combined this stunning dress with classic accessories!


  12. 16 August 2013 / 17:31

    Fantastisch jurkje, en mooi gecombineerd met die leuke schoenen en tas.

  13. 18 August 2013 / 10:06

    That beautiful navy lace dress would be perfect for me too. You look amazing. Hope you didn't get any blisters. I loved you Canterbury post. I have no idea a perfect travel post. Just write about what you love 😀

    xx Mira

  14. 18 August 2013 / 19:06

    I just love hearing about little places you wouldn't necessarily think about going. Like local restaurants, food stands, gardens, etc. And a travel post needs plenty of pretty pictures too, of course!

    Anyway, this dress is gorgeous on you. Such a pretty color with your hair!

  15. 18 August 2013 / 22:35

    I adore this dress. The lace is so beautiful and I love the shape and colour.

  16. 19 August 2013 / 04:22

    Sounds like fun! My perfect travel post is anywhere with loads of photos. Like going to Japan and taking pictures of it in the day and evening. What everyone is wearing, the atmosphere, how I blend in, things I found, etc.

  17. 19 August 2013 / 11:42

    Leuk en mooie fotos weer!

  18. 19 August 2013 / 12:29

    Great dress! Lovely shoes. Love your outfit so much.:)

  19. 21 August 2013 / 02:48

    I love lace dresses! I have about 3 of those, and i'm always looking out to buy some more! That ring is such a nice subtle touch!

  20. 29 August 2013 / 17:20

    Ik deel eigenlijk gewoon veel te veel foto's in travel posts 😀 heb nog niet echt een key naar success gevonden. Bij London had ik leuke plekjes gedeeld en dat doet altijd goed zo tips uitdelen 😉
    Mooie jurk trouwens, kant doet het ook altijd goed in mijn ogen, niets zo mooi als dat! Geweldige kleur en snit ook 🙂

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