Into sunset: A love story between me and cobalt blue

I am wearing a Mango dress, Scapa flats and earrings from Twice as Nice

There’s a big pot of pasta boiling on the stove, next to it a delicious homemade veggie-extravaganza tomato sauce with a liiiiittle bit of pesto mixed into it. I’m not wearing the dress above, but my pink leopard print pyjamas. Rawr. The September issue of InStyle is lying on the table ready for my trip to Canterbury this Saturday. I did it folks. I’m going. To a different country. All by myself. I made the decision quite last-minute so I only have the Ponds that I had left from our trip to London (a whole £11! – and  that while they had Humming Bird bakeries), but was lucky enough K also had some left. With £21 in the pocket and magazine, I’m going to explore a little more of what is possibly my most favorite country in the world: The UK. This is the good life. 

I’ve planned to visit Blackfriars – of course – and a few other gardens around, a farmers market and see the cathedral. I hope to find a place to have high tea – all by myself – and maaaybe if I’m lucky, I’ll stop by Topshop and Gap. I can hardly wait! If this adventure goes well, there will be no stopping me!

I also want to thank Johanna for already mailing me her recommendations. Your email is printed and already stored safely in my backpack! If you’ve been to Canterbury before and have some tips on cute shops, fabulous cafes or restaurants I should visit, please don’t hesitate to share your treasures! I have got one day, and I really do want to make the most of it. 


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  1. 8 August 2013 / 11:34

    Wow these pics! Love them so much. Beautiful.

    Canterbury is pretty, I spent a day there with family friends who live in Kent. Love the little houses, went into some historical buildings that you have to bend under each doorway (I'm not that tall) it's very fairytale.

    Because I was with old people we ate soup at M&S and then I snuck away from them to go to the Topshop. wahaha.

    Enjoy it!


  2. 8 August 2013 / 11:46

    Such a beautiful dress, and I love the light in these photos! They are stunning 🙂

    Your day trip sounds so exciting! I hope you have an amazing time and get to see everything you're thinking of 🙂

    Away From Blue

  3. 8 August 2013 / 11:55

    You look great in cobalt. Definitely your colour! Hope you have an amazing time!!

  4. 8 August 2013 / 12:43

    Prachtig kleedje!
    En veel plezier in Canterbury 😉

  5. 8 August 2013 / 13:07

    Mooie foto's Nikki! Zo'n leuk avontuur, ik ben benieuwd naar je verhalen 😉
    Naomi, x

  6. 8 August 2013 / 14:34

    I was like "wait, I didn't email anything", and then I remembered I'm probably not the only with that name haha I hope you have so much fun!
    xx Johanna

  7. 8 August 2013 / 15:19

    you are and insanely chic lady and we will hardly wait for your adventures in UK (do post pics)!

  8. 8 August 2013 / 15:25

    You're in England right now?! So fun! Have a blast!

    Also, you are a knockout in that dress.

  9. 8 August 2013 / 16:17

    how fun! have a wonderful trip!

  10. 8 August 2013 / 17:34

    This dress is gorgeous, I love the colour and the detail on the back. So pretty. Have an amazing time, travelling along always makes me nervous so I think it is awesome you are going to a different country all on your own xo

  11. 8 August 2013 / 20:35

    this pictures are GORGEOUS! cobalt is your color. have fun on your trip, sounds perfect!

  12. 8 August 2013 / 21:23

    Love the dress. And I've been into cobalt blue lately as well. It's such a striking color with my red hair!


  13. 8 August 2013 / 23:31

    first of all you look gorgeous in this dress. like soo good.
    second of all um have so much fun!


  14. 9 August 2013 / 14:23

    die kleur staat je super goed!

  15. 9 August 2013 / 17:01

    The sun's reflection on the water is so beautiful. Have fun on your trip!

  16. 10 August 2013 / 17:36

    You look beautiful! That dress and colour suits you so well. Mmmm pasta and pesto.

  17. 11 August 2013 / 11:56

    How gorgeous are these photos – that sunset and the royal blue dress just lovely.

  18. 11 August 2013 / 20:23

    Heel vet dat je alleen gaat, hopelijk heb je je goed geamuseerd! En is het een begin van meer reiskriebels 😉 Dat blauw staat je trouwens prachtig, en die rug is zo mooi!

  19. 11 August 2013 / 20:24

    Too cute! I bought my first cobalt piece the other day and am surprisingly smitten with it. Blue is my color and I wear it often, but never so saturated. You look stunning, as always, in your blue dress (:

  20. 12 August 2013 / 03:46

    Absolutely gorgeous. These photos are beautiful!

  21. 12 August 2013 / 11:43

    Canterbury sounds divine, I'm sure you're gonna have a great time by yourself! And this dress looks gorgeous on you.

  22. 14 August 2013 / 18:25

    Wauwie! Dat kleedje en die kleur staan je super!! Meer van dat! hihi

  23. 15 August 2013 / 15:55

    You are quite the stunner in this dress! The sun reflected on the water is such a vision!

    Xo, Hannah

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