A Zara Affair


Zara trousers have a tendency to break my heart. It all started with a floral pair two years ago and now I find myself heartbroken again over these navy trousers. Our story started out well, with these pants and I being inseparable when I bought them in May. I never knew I was missing elegant, office-prove navy trousers in my life. They quickly became best wardrobe friends with my Sperry tops-siders and looked mighty fine with most of my shirts and sweaters. I had tens of outfits in mind and fully intended to post those on the blog over the summer. Then I washed my trousers and our love story was over. The linen fabric, although washed by hand in only lukewarm water, shrunk and was all misshaped after I let it dry. My clothing iron tried to heal the wounds but there wasn’t much to heal. They hung in my closet for a good month before I pulled them out again this weekend to see if I could somehow make them work, but the linen feels uncomfortable rough on my skin and the pants are too tight to wear all day. One outfit shoot, I could handle and I put together my favorite look from before the summer and we went to a location that had been on my location-bucket list for literally years and we took some last photos with my love before I let them go for good. Not a shame though, as I’m sort of kind of maaaaaybe eyeing a more qualitative pair at Massimo Dutti.

I also have some fun news to tell! I have been nagging my boyfriends head off for a city trip later this year and he finally gave in! I’m total #girlfriendgoals. We decided to go up north for the first time. I had my heart set on Poland and wanted to visit either Gdansk, Warsaw or Krakow, but K wasn’t very convinced so instead I let him choose and he went with something rather unexpected. My friends are all going “What? Where!? WHY!!!?” on me when I tell them that we’re going to Lithuania. I’ll be honest and admit that the only thing I know Lithuania from is the Eurovision Song Contest and I don’t know a single thing to do there, but K and I agree that that’s a good thing. We’ll just see what we got ourselves into and I look very much forward to discover an entirely new place. No expectations, just a flippant and spontaneous city trip. Something about living while we’re young.


trousers: Zara
Shirt: Primark
Brogues: Sacha (c/o – meer damesschoenen)

  • They are great pants and look so practical for work, what a shame they didn’t hold up in the wash 🙁 Plain classic pants like this are hard to find, pants are always so tricky to get the fit right 🙁

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • It’s been so long since I’ve worn pants, but I’ve been tempted lately! They always manage to look so smart & incredibly pulled together. Maybe falls the season to jump in. And yay, congrats on the trip!! xo


  • De broek ziet er nog redelijk oke uit hoor 😉 haha! wel een grappig verhaal!
    X, Eline

  • Oh, ik heb hetzelfde meegemaakt met een cashmere trui (gelukkig gebeurde het pas een jaar later). Ben wel benieuwd naar je verhalen hier op de blog over Litouwen 😀 Ken het zelf ook enkel via Eurosong (oops).

  • Jammer dat de broek gekrompen is, want hij staat je echt super goed en is heel mooi. Leuk gecombineerd met dat hemd!

    x Karen