Sometimes Basic & Easy Is Best

Every style guide will tell you that you need a black blazer and indeed: it is a good basic. But I have big trouble finding the perfect one. I got mine from Mango a couple of years ago to replace the cheap and ill-fitting one I had from Forever21. At first I was really happy with my purchase, but then it was quickly thrown out of my jacket-rotation. I don’t know guys. I feel really uncomfortable when I wear it, even though it looks perfectly fine when I look at it in the pictures. There’s something about the sleeves that makes it just feel wrong somehow, and therefor it got banned to the “can’t throw away because good basic, but still won’t wear”-pile. 
We were watching the first season of Ray Donovan a couple of weeks ago and I really liked the outfits they put on actress Katherine Moennig (Lena in the series). A simple tee, jeans, heeled booties, a leather jacket or black blazer and some nice jewelry and MAN, did she look gooooooood. When I wasn’t sure what to wear with all the rain we had last week I decided to try Lena’s outfit recipe and give my black blazer another chance. My white tee isn’t the Pinterest-perfect tee, but it works and my big black/silver earrings were the perfect finishing touch. I rolled the sleeves of my blazer up to 3/4-length and it totally made me feel badass.

As I said we had lots of rain the last while, so hence the gorgeous brick wall behind me. We didn’t really feel like going outside and searching for a shoot location as we still don’t know our new hometown that well and the clouds weren’t looking very nice. We didn’t want to be caught in the rain, but I’ve also missed so many posting days in July that I did not want to start August on a bad note. Our terrace on one side looks out on the back wall of a neighboring building so I went with the easiest solution. This paragraph deserves a #bloggerproblems and I’ll be back on Thursday with a… beauty post. 

blazer: Mango • tee: GAP • jeans: GAP • heels: Cypres • earrings: Twice As Nice 
  • Well, I’m sorry to hear this doesn’t fit/feel right and it got into the not-wearing-often pile because you look FIERCE in it!

  • Aw yes. The black blazer is indeed a worthwhile investmnent!

  • I couldn’t agree more with this post! Most of the times I go for simple and basic outfits. Even when they feel wrong at first, in the end I tend to wear them all the time!

    Hope the weather gets better soon!

    Best Regards,
    Angelina Stroumpouli

  • classy lady! En lange benen, woooow, jealous!

  • Melanie C.

    Lovely simple outfit!


  • You’re right, I can’t see a thing wrong with the fit of the blazer, it looks great on you! 🙂

    I think the simple classic outfits are often those we feel best in! 🙂 And this brick wall is actually a pretty good backdrop too! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • Sarah – Tasting Lifestyle

    Simple yet sophisticated!

  • This outfit looks so simple yet so classy! I really love it. And your hair is just gorgeous!
    I just found your blog and really love your writing skills! I’m from Belgium too by the way. Dus ik kan al beter in het Nederlands typen 😀
    Ik ben je nieuwste volger 🙂
    Liefs, Sofie
    Natuurlijk blond en gezond

  • I love a good classic blazer! Oddly enough I hardly ever wear my black ones and always end up wearing my pink one and blue one! I hate when you wear something and it looks fine, but you just feel…off. I think you look great, but if you don’t feel awesome in it maybe you should find a blazer you really, really love! 🙂

  • I think it’s Pinterest perfect! I love everything about this outfit, it’s so clean and polished.

  • Classy outfit!

  • I love blazers, but I realised I never wear mine because I feel too dressed up. I live in the country and I work from home, so I only wear blazers a few times a year.

  • You look stunning Nikki! I feel the same way about black blazers. The outfits I’ve created with mine look incredible but I feel uncomfortable in it still, like it’s too nice for my casual lifestyle. You’ve convinced me to try it again 🙂