All That Twitters Is Gold: Did Social Media Kill The Blogging Star?

Let us have a discussion. In recent times, I’ve noticed many changes in the blogging world, and there’s one in particular that has been getting some attention lately: social media. Instagram and Twitter have been around for a while, and lately I’ve seen more and more bloggers use SnapChat as well as a way to interact with their readers. I’m all about that, but … .

I’ve been around here for 13 years. In those 13 years I went from webpage construction to blogging and lived through the high days of MySpace, the up-rise of Facebook and the announcement of Twitter. I remember buying an iOS device in early 2012 solely to be able to use Instagram. Social media were new and exciting. I liked and tweeted my heart away and while doing so felt like I got so much closer to you than I could through my blog. But the bubble burst, didn’t it?
Blogs are cumbersome compared to social media. On their blogs, bloggers have the space to share a story in more than 140 characters and to embellish it with more than one picture. Leaving a comment on blogs can be tricky – Captchas are so 2000-and-late, people – and to hop from one blog to another you have to go through your reader or memorize the internet addresses. Reading blogs takes effort and time, two obstacles social media successfully gets around. 
Instagram can do what a blog can’t: show you an #OOTD in one glance and with compact descriptions. Twitter forces us to think about our information-sharing: what is the most essential about the message we want to bring? Sometimes all it takes is an Emoji. Hashtags are easier to understand and apply than SEO for blogs and give instant-results. Following bloggers and other creatives has been made a lot easier by social media too, as is commenting and interacting in general. We used to describe social media as an extension of our blogs, but I’m starting to feel as if it has become a replacement of it. Social media does it better and recently it’s been doing it bigger too.
Bloggers got some serious competition from social media influencers. People with not just large Instagram and/or twitter followings, but the right network to boot. They seem to me a technologically advanced sub-group of bloggers. Micro-bloggers, if you will. It takes a hell of a lot of knowledge and time to build up your social media presence, but the influencers have mastered the art of online impression management like no other and it’s paying off! More and more influencers are landing on press lists and press events, and bloggers are doing so less and less. I can’t help but wonder, and I know that this is a pretty mean thought to share publicly, how many blogs will still be written if this trend keeps growing. 
Blogs haven’t necessarily lost their advantages. The advantages of blogs are just seemingly losing their relevance in a time where “fast, faster, fastest” and “more, more, more” are the motto when it comes to information-sharing. As marketing mediums blogs might not be relevant for much longer, but to me they still are the best way to share a story. No matter how many unfiltered videos I’d share through SnapChat or how many #iwokeuplikethis kind of pictures I post to Instagram, I don’t think I could ever get a story across so genuine and vividly as I can through my blog. Or maybe I’m just old school.
What are your thoughts and feelings about this? I personally am seriously lagging behind when it comes to my social media outlets. I actually recently stopped tweeting in English and deleted my SnapChat account to downsize my online presence. My Instagram is a happy mess and I don’t even have a Facebook page for my blog. I kind of feel like an outsider looking in, yet I’m caught up in the transition. Do you think you could give up blogging entirely and ride on social media? Or do you, like me, blog because social media can’t fully satisfy your needs? Do you care?