Easter in Ediger-Eller

We were in Ediger-Eller (Germany) the weekend before Easter and the town was in full preparation for the Easter celebration. Young and old was out and about, cleaning and overall preparing for the 2015 tourist season to begin. Ediger-Eller is a small town in the Mosel Valley, not too far from Cochem and Koblenz, that has a history going back to before the year 1000. The town is a true beauty, with the wood-work houses being my favorite object to photograph. The old tractors parked in every corner and the Easter eggs spread out in every tree made for good in-between shots. My photographer heart was happy! The early signs of Spring made me forget about the thick clouds for a moment. We didn’t stay very long and just aimlessly wandered around until we had walked past every wine distillery and every vineyard on every hill side twice. Afterwards we drove a little further down the Mosel river to visit Cochem, which I’ll be writing about next!

I hope you guys had a lovely weekend. Mine was rather relaxed and on Sunday I hosted a BBQ to celebrate my birthday (which has not yet been). We ended with ice cream, for which we drove two towns over in a caravan of cars because only one of us knew the secret to the best ice cream in the region. It was so good! For all my fellow Kempenaren: Ijswens in Corsendonk (Oud-Turnhout) is the place to be.

Just like last week, I’ll be posting three times this week! I’m catching up on my back log, so that I can start writing about new and exciting things next week. I hope you guys enjoy what Ediger-Eller has to offer, and I’ll be sharing an outfit of last week (#OOLW ?) with you on Wednesday! Sneak peek here.