Have You Readhead in August ’14?

“Have you redhead?” “Have you read that?” “The Ginger Diaries”. You get it.

August came and went, and I spent pretty much the whole month working for school. I’m really excited that September finally arrived, because that means my exams are almost over, I can start re-building my social life and, most of all: WE’RE GOING TO DUBLIN! Aaaah! I’ve never been to Ireland before, and I am absolutely pumped for my first visit there. I’m also a little scared though, because I will be flying s-s-o-l-o and from an airport I’ve never traveled from. But, If I was able to manage Washingtons Dulles International on my own, than how bad can Eindhoven be right? No biggie! K will be in Dublin the whole week for work, and I’ll fly after him in the weekend so we can have a short few days together before I head back to uni. This trip was booked spontaneously and we’re already leaving soon, so we’re clueless about what to see, shop, eat and do in the Irish capital. If anyone of you has ever been, would you please share your awesome adventures and musts with me? You rock.
For now, and as promised, I’ve got my list of all things hot in August. Hope you enjoy these reads and I’ll hopefully be back with a new outfit next week – that is, if it ever stops raining.

Must reads 

  • After GOMI came out with a post on bloggers using PhotoShop on their insta-selfies, Belgian bloggers Siel en Elien both wrote a post on the subject too. Fake It Till You Make It: The Blogging World (by Siel) and Why Your Favorite Blogger On Instagram Is A Fraud (by Elien) are two amazing posts that show how deceiving Instagram (and other social media) can be.
  • But sometimes, bloggers can laugh at their own Instagram-fails as well. I was caught red-handed by Naomi sharing a bedside pic, and I’m curious to find out which Instagram clichés you are guilty of!
  • Are you a nineties kid like me? Recognize any of these?
  • Marsa’s post on How to Keep The Relationship Spicey inspired me to write a post myself that I hope to publish soon. In the meantime, K and I are enjoying our weekly date nights and are working on our selfie-taking skills. Gotta keep that SnapChat updated, right?

Blogs I loved

  • With Love From Kat • I stumbled upon her blog through Instagram, and fell in love immediately. Katelyn has an impeccable sense of style that I just can’t get enough of. 
  • Fashionlorious • Brand new on the Belgian blogging-block and the third blogger in my hometown. Check out Eline’s personal style blog for fun outfits and recipes.


  • I love the 90s kid post. My parents would buy me a Polly Pocket every time we took the 13 hour road trip to visit my Opa and Oma. So awesome! Hope you have the best time in Dublin!

    • I only had one Polly Pocket set, but I did have a few of the flying barbies! They always ended up in our walnut tree or the bushes or something haha. xo

  • How fun! Ireland will be amazing! And flying solo is intimidating the first time, but then once you’re in process you start feeling all independent and confident in what you’re doing. It’s a good feeling!

    Do you have JCrew there or do you have to order and have it shipped?

    • No, sadly we don’t have J.crew in Europe, but my dad in law travels to Newark every so often for work and there’s a J.Crew near his hotel. He does my shopping, haha. He’s leaving again in a few weeks! Earlier this year a J.Crew opened in London, so maybe they are finally coming to Europe now!

  • Oh have fun in Dublin! I’ve never been, but have always wanted to go to Ireland! 🙂 I love the Irish accent 🙂

    The instagram thing is so interesting! I haven’t had time to do more than skim through the articles at the moment, but I definitely want to come back to it! I guess if you blog full time, you have nothing to do but sit and pose for photos and then photo shop them all day!

    One thing that is SO difficult to keep in mind, but really quite important, is that what we see online is a selective, edited version of someone’s life. We compare that with the messy, unedited versions of our own lives and it seems so different as we aren’t seeing the full story online. Easier to say than to remember sometimes!

    Away From The Blue

  • I loved Dublin!! You have to have a picnic in St. Stephens Green. I loved it there. Also the hop on hop off tour bus pass is great because you can use it for 2 days so you don’t have to walk everywhere, and you can get to so many sites so easily for very little money. I’m so jealous!! Take lots of pics and let us know how it goes!!

    • If the weather allows it, we will have the picnick! I’ll make sure to take lots of photos for the blog too 🙂 I have Friday to discover the city on my own as Kenneth will still be working during the day, so I’ll probably take most pictures then ^_^ xo

  • Wat een fijne post Nikki, haha ik moest wel lachen met de titel, geweldig dat je het nog eens uitlegd ook voor de tragen van geest (like me) 😉
    Die ninetees spullen; oh my god POLLY POCKET! Dat was echt zowat mijn lievelingsspeelgoed. Ik heb zo hard zin om nu de zolder op te spurten en die terug te zoeken 😀

    En die post van Naomi over Intagram blogger cliché’s, echt zalig! Het is me nu pas opgevallen dat er ook een foto van mij tussen staat, met name bij het groepje bloggers met een drankprobleem, hahaha 😀

    Oh ja, en veel plezier in Dublin! Spannend!

    X Sara

  • love this post! the articles about photoshop are crazy! its such a shame that people cant just have fun with blogging and social media and be themselves.



  • Dublin! I’ve always wanted to go! I hope you have a wonderful time!!

  • Ik heb gehoord dat Dublin echt de moeite is, dus dat wordt zeker een zalig reisje 😉

  • Dublin? Zalig! Amuseer je daar Nikki! (Toffe links ook.)

  • Super!! Have fun en geniet er van! Zelf nog niet geweest dus ik kan je geen tips geven… maar uuh, jij wel aan ons achteraf natuurlijk ^^

    x Aurélie

  • Someday I’ll be in Dublin, its is the bottom of my bucket list, but it is IN my bucket list…

  • OOh GOMI is totally my guilty pleasure, although I am too scared to post on it. Sometimes I think people get too angry over the whole photoshop debacle. Everyone has insecurities and if you want to touchup a bit, personally I don’t see it as a problem. I used to like we wore what’s style but stopped reading her blog cause her photoshopping got out of hand. Additionally, she has denied and ignored comments about retouching pictures. On top of that she has so many young fans commenting how they’re envious of her body… which of course, isn’t realistic. If she was more transparent about it I think it would be less of a problem. Anyways, have fun in Dublin!!


  • Haha cutie! Have fun!

  • Haha ik zie nu pas mijn post verwijzing 😀 Leuke rubriek, lady!
    Naomi, x