Introducing: “Have You Redhead”?

“Have you redhead?” “Have You read that?” “The Ginger Diaries”. You get it.

Is that really August knocking on the door? Where has July gone!? With my agenda filled with fun and friends, I almost forgot about the two exams I have to re-take at the end of this month. Even though I started studying already again at the beginning of July, I feel like I did nothing for my exams and the stress just kicked in. I have been having a little too much fun, and am behind on my study schedule I’m afraid. Uh-oh! I should get started for the day, but not before I introduce a new monthly feature I want to start doing on my blog! 
It’s not an original idea, but one that I enjoy going through on other blogs. Best-of posts from other bloggers have helped me discover many amazing blogs and fun websites that I follow with pleasure, and I wanted to share my own favorites with you guys as well. I’ll be sharing my personal list of favorites at the end of each month, because I don’t post very frequently and don’t want this type of post to predominate The Ginger Diaries. I hope you enjoy!

Here’s my list of all things hot in July!

Things that made me smile in july:

  • Veronika’s thoughts on blogging are what finally gave me the courage to speak up and write about my own worries and pains about blogging. She has inspired me for years, both with her impeccable sense of style and lovely way of writing, and her post made me realize I wasn’t the only one feeling the pressure blogging can sometime bring upon us. Thank you Veronika!
  • Megan’s recipe for grilled pineapple salsa. It was a success on a recent get-together with friends, but next time I’m making this I will not share. It was so good!
  • Lynn’s Instagram. BIG LOVE.
  • One of my favorite YouTube channels, DigitalRev TV, came up with a list of “10 things that annoy photo enthusiasts“. Number 5 was most recognizable for me as a blogger who often asks friends to be the outfit-photographer-of-the-day. Hilarious!
  • Also on The Tube: What happens when you put 100 redheads together in a park one day? This!

Blogs I love:
  • Un-Fancy • First spotted on Pinterest and as soon as I landed on her blog I fell in l.o.v.e.. Her concept is equally simple as inspiring. It is the (in)famous 30×30 challenge turned into a lifestyle, with lovely outfits and informative blog posts on shopping and creating the wardrobe you’ll love. A must-follow!
  • The Adored Life • Alissa has more shoes now than I’ll own in my entire lifetime, but she’s well on her way to become the best blogger of 2014 for me. She’s quirky, she’s lovable and she cracks me up on a daily basis. 

  • I have a soft spot for Madewell dresses. This lightstitch tunic dress made me dream of warm summer evenings and can be easily taken into my fall wardrobe as well. With an extra 40% off, it had to come home with me.
  • J.Crew didn’t really satisfy me with their July selection. The Embroidered Pom-Pom Tank almost got added to my wardrobe, but pom-poms don’t really work in a rainy Belgian fall + I was short on ideas on how to style it…
  • … so I went with this pretty laser-cut shirt instead! It will blend into my wardrobe perfectly and can easily be taken into early fall as well. Big love for this one, as proven by my last outfit post.
  • West Elm should open up shop in Belgium, because I would love this marble lamp, these shadow boxes and this gallery in a box set to dress up my new night stands and bedroom walls.