Hard Work Pays Off (With Pretty Dresses)

outfit details: dress: Reiss • flats: Jonak Paris • shoulder bag: Kate Spade Little Minka

I’m writing this post in a fit of joy. A few minutes ago I received a redeeming email to inform me my grades were available online and I’m super excited that I can share happy news! I passed the 5 exams I took this semester! I skipped two exams, because they fell bad in the exam schedule and I wasn’t granted a new and later date, so I have to re-take those two in late August. However, My day is made. A few moments after I received my report card, my friends started calling and texting and it looks like we all made it through our first year in university in one piece. That calls for a party (and a new dress!)
I want to say thank you to all of you for your supportive messages and encouraging words throughout May and June. I complained a lot, and you guys showed much patience, haha. It helped me to know that you were there for me when I was struggling to get through my textbooks and endless notes, while I was stressing out before an exam and when I needed to vent about how unsure I felt after I handed one in. With the school year ending, it’s time to pinky promise I’ll shut up about school until August and blog on a more positive note.
And positive things I have in offering today! Firstly, I updated the blog’s look over the weekend, and added a few design elements I have been wanting to install for a while. There’s a little more white space here and there, a little more color and (in my opinion) prettier fonts that work better together than the ones I had installed previously. I’m still fixing the comment link which is acting strange and thinking about installing a “you might also like” sort of plug-in, but the only one I can find for blogger (linkwithin) looks ugly, haha. Secondly, I’m also redecorating my bedroom at my parents house, and we all know how much bloggers love redecorating! I’m home for the summer and found my old room a mess when I arrived last week. Basically, dad wanted to be the handyman and even though he cooks and cleans, he better not do reparations anymore, haha. I took advantage of the mess to overhaul my room and we bought night stands, a new desk, new storage boxes and new curtains to make my room more fit for an “adult”. I’ve also started re-painting today aaaand should actually get back to that. See you soon again!

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