Top it off with a little coral




dress: J.crew Factory • scarf: Pieces • handbag: Carpisa • sandals: Christian Di Riccio via Torfs


After spending most of the weekend around the house, I felt a need for an afternoon outside today. With the weather being absolutely glorious, K and I decided we’d quickly hop into Ikea to get a few little things I need (I’m redoing my bedroom at my parents house) and stop by a newly opened ice cream / waffle house along the way and make outfit photos for my blog. We never made it to Ikea, but I couldn’t care less. My tummy is happily filled with the most gigantic Belgian Waffle I ever had, ice cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce. Living in a town next to Hoogstraten is a true pleasure this time of the year, something my Belgian readers will definitely be able to relate too! It’s the strawberry capital of the world, and I don’t know why I was even surprised to find what was probably half a kilo on my waffle when it got served, haha. It was so good you guys! After “lunch”, we walked around the nearby public gardens and beguinage and captured my outfit of the day while enjoying the sunshine.

My outfit is very basic and simple, but I’ve found that these are the outfits I love most lately. I’ve tried going out of my comfort zone on the blog a few times, but it’s these simple, classy and almost lady-like outfits that I always love sharing the most. I wore almost exactly this outfit last year too, but added coral accessories to make it a little more bright and match my good mood. Today was the first day I had to dress up since cleaning out my closet last Thursday, and it was almost impressively easy to decide what to wear with such a neat-looking wardrobe. It motivates me to keep it this organised, but I’m woman and chances are that by next Thursday, things are going to look a little less pretty in that closet, haha!

I hope you guys had a lovely weekend!

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