Good times for blogging

light wash jeans are perfect for summer-y looks!

jeans: Levis • top: Zara • blazer: Zara • crop top: Forever 21 • sandals: Torfs • handbag: Carpisa

It might sound complacent, but it felt good to be back in front of the camera lens this weekend and know that I’d have a post ready to blog. My concepts have been frighteningly empty in the last months, but there’s plenty of content in there now! I still want to share photos from our family vacation in Paris, I have two more outfits ready for you guys, there’s a second beauty post awaiting and I have two exciting blog events coming up in the next weeks too! My May blogging schedule is complete, and that is the first time in months. A nicely filled schedule deserves to be celebrated with leftover birthday cake!

Yesterday my family came together to celebrate the birthdays of the three girls our household. The three girls being me, and my two younger sisters. 22, 21 and 19 we are, and mom just can’t wrap her head around that, haha. Our birthdays all lie in a time span of three weeks, but because three parties this close to the end of the semester is detrimental for my school schedule, we decided to throw one big party instead this year. There were 3 cakes and lots of bubbly drinks involved, and despite the fact that there were still 6 papers on my desk waiting to be read, I had a great time. I hadn’t seen my grandparents in a while, so it was especially good to see them again and tell them about how I’m doing in school and how I take care of myself. They can’t believe I actually manage to keep myself alive and clean while I’m away from home during the week. Just like my mom and dad, they had a bit of a rough time adjusting to the fact that we’ve (the girls) have come into that life phase where we seem to grow up faster than ever. And to be honest, I have too. I’m now in that phase where Facebook is full of lease and job contracts, new cars, positive predictors and engagement announcements. It’s exciting because it’s new, but it’s also scary at the same time. This is one of those points in life where everything changes isn’t it? I brace myself.

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  • You look soo beautiful!
    Love your blog 🙂

    Xx julia

  • Oh, ik zie dat soort dingen ook gebeuren! Heb al een aantal vrienden die zijn getrouwd of al (bijna) een kindje hebben. What?! Tijd vliegt, blijkbaar. Ik vind je shirtje trouwens onwijs mooi en de achterkant was een gave verassing 😀

  • oeeh pretty outfit! en happy birthday voor jullie alledrie 😀

  • Yay, weeral zo’n mooie Zara top! Staat je echt geweldig mooi!
    Ja de tijd gaat snel he 🙂 mijn mama heeft 2 keer gehuild toen mijn zus en daarna ik het huis verlieten en alles ging eigenlijk zo snel dat ik het zelf niet besefte. Pas een halfjaartje nadat ik ben gaan samenwonen met m’n vriend kreeg ik mijn klop “wow, nu gaat het echt wel voorruit”. Alles is plots zo anders. Mijn Facebook staat ook al helemaal vol met huizen, trouwerijen en vooral veel baby’s, maar daar ben ik toch nog niet aan toe 😀

    X Sara

  • Klinkt als een heel erg leuk en gezellig familiefeestje! Succes nog met studeren, de examenperiode (en de periode ervoor) is inderdaad enorm zwaar! EN heel erg mooie outfit, staat je goed!

    XO Imke

  • You look awesome in these! I have had my eye out for a good white blazer for months now. It seems like everyone can find them but me. And I love how that shirt shows your back! So cute without being… ah hem… skanky 🙂 Glad you’re back!

  • Everything does start to change as you get older – but it’s worth it! Lots of new experiences ahead. Glad you and your sisters had a fun time celebrating your birthdays! Must be nice being so close in age 🙂

    I love your outfit today – everything just works so perfectly together! 🙂

    And I’m a little jealous you can have a full scheduled month ahead of you with blogging – that’s the issue with sharing what I wear every day, I can’t setup posts in advance, as I haven’t got dressed for the future, haha!

    Away From Blue

  • fran

    baby the last pic is really beautiful. i love the top

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  • Definitely enjoy every moment! You are experiencing such a special time in life.

    Happy birthday too!

  • Hele leuke outfit 🙂 x

  • Especially weird when people seem to constantly talk about getting jobs and buying places to live and I’m just sitting there like… “well I hope my uni presentation went well?”

  • leuk topje!

  • Happy birthday! I love the print and back of that gorgeous top!

  • Je topje is super leuk, vooral die achterkant

  • Nicole

    Beautiful top! And I know how you feel. I’ve been an “adult”, and I use that term loosely, for a while now. I’m still not used to it haha.

  • 3 birthdays sounds so fun! and i love those sandals 🙂


  • Oh, that family party sounds so fun! And I didn’t know you had sisters! Nothing like a sister 🙂

    This is a pretty and casual outfit.

  • It stays that way for a few years, and you never seem to get over it. At least I haven’t yet and I’m 26!

  • that’s a little like me and my sisters! We aren’t as close in age, but 3 of us have birthdays within a month.

    Also, I definitely agree. It’s a crazy fast phase of life!

  • Time flies, inderdaad. Al ben ik nu nog niet echt bezig met jobhunten en huizen kopen… Nog even genieten van een onbezonnen studententijd! 🙂 Gelukkige (late) verjaardag trouwens, Nikki! X

  • Leuke outfit! Je blazer, topje en handtas vind ik echt super mooi ux

  • That’s so awesome that you and your sisters have your birthdays so close together!! It’s nice that your family threw you all one big party! That sounds like so much fun! My best friend’s birthday is a week before mine, so we like to celebrate together by getting a scone at Alice’s Tea Cup in NYC! Love your floral shirt! The cut and colors are so lovely!

  • Ik heb echt hetzelfde voor: ineens gaat iedereen trouwen of krijgen ze kinderen of gaan ze werken. En dat laatste is ook iets waar ik momenteel hard over moet nadenken, maar it’s a little bit frightening. Outfit trouwens: je shirtje is keimooi, zeker die achterkant en de print! Liefde!

  • I know the feeling, everybody is moving on with their lives at an incredible pace. We gotta keep up 🙂
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the top, so un-you but I think it suits you very well!


  • Ahh those jeans. Love them. And yes, the early twenties are huge for change! It’s quite alarming how life works itself out for everyone around you. You’re no longer going down the same paths and are doing things at different rates. It’s crazy!

  • zo’n leuke top! Prachtig op de rug.
    Goh, heel mijn facebook staat vol met tweede en derde zwangerschappen.. nu, ik trek me daar nog niets van aan. 🙂

  • Leuk topje, dat detail op je rug is zo mooi! 🙂
    En ik zit met hetzelfde op facebook… Alles is plots zo snel gegaan, ENG!

  • Super leuke top!! 🙂

  • Eva Pierco

    oh, bloesje heb ik ook zien liggen in de zara! supermooi 🙂

    mag ik iets vragen ajb? ik ben net begonnen met een blog en ik kan wat volgers gebruiken.. Zou je aub eens een kijkje kunnen nemen?
    ik volg jou al alvast!

  • Een blogschema, dat is nog eens een idee 😀
    Naomi, x