Happy Spring!

We didn’t really have a winter this year. I saw snow only one evening, on my walk home from K’s studio apartment. Even though snow always causes many transportation problems in the city, feeling those first snowflakes fall on my cold nose made me feel a little bit happy. In my mind, I was already imagining the white landscapes I could photograph. But the next morning, there was not a single clue that it had snowed and through December, January and February no more snow came. Today is the first day of Spring, and I decided to write a small post about why I love this season so much. After pointing out all the reasons I hate fall last year, I have something to make up for.
  • Spring break. No explanation needed.
  • It is also Barbecue season again!
  • Blossoms, and lots of them. 
  • Wishlisting for my birthday.
  • The Moochie frozen yogurt store in Antwerp opened its doors again
  • The after-Easter chocolate coma. I already can’t wait!
  • Eating ice creams by the Scheldt
  • The Annual formal dance party from K’s sorority
  • Taking outfit pictures, because golden hour is baaaack!
  • Watching the night fall on top of the MAS museum.
  • My Jo Malone Pink Peonies perfume fits the season perfectly.
  • Taking a magazine (preferably InStyle) and my camera and enjoy the sunshine on a bench in the botanical garden. Maybe with a frozen yoghurt. No… definitely with a frozen yoghurt! And a BBQ afterwards.

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  • birtegovarts

    Ik heb gisteren m’n eerste bbq gedaan, hip hoi!

  • Barbecues!!! They’re my absolute favourite, so I’m stupidly excited for those haha 🙂 I’m so excited about spring too – and seeing all the pretty flowers popping up everywhere, and the trees are finally growing some leaves 🙂 No more naked trees hahaha!

  • Our summer was really short this year too. It’s too early for winter to almost be here again 🙁

  • Hope that you enjoy spring! I’m glad you have so many things to look forward to after not getting the romantic snowy winter you’d anticipated! 🙂 Lovely list of things you love 🙂

    Away From Blue

  • Many reasons to love spring 🙂

  • You are fortunate you did not have a rough winter, I can say I had to deal with a lot more snow than I wanted!

    I can not wait for spring blossoms, eating ice cream everyday, and spending time outside!

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  • Bea

    These are a lot of good reasons for being in love with spring!!!

    I love spring too!!! 🙂
    Have a nice weekend, Nikki!

  • blijkbaar happy dat het terug bba seizoen is. 🙂

  • yay for bbqs and fro yo! i’m with you with those! 🙂



  • hmmm froyo <3

  • BBQing!!! Yessss. I really want to try Daisy perfume (I think that’s the name.) Also, blossoming trees and flowers – swoon!

  • Ik ben ook blij, de roze bril staat alweer op 🙂


  • I’m not a big fan of BBQ nor do I have a garden, but I am looking forward to BBQing haha.. it’s the sun.. it makes life pleasant 🙂 enjoy!

  • joepieeeee BBQ’s!!

  • lippylash

    Die pink peonies ruikt ook echt zo zo zo lekker!!!!

  • Hoera voor Moochie!

  • mother nature decided to give us all of your snow. We got so much this year!! I am so ready for spring!

  • Yes yes yes frozen yoghurt. In Antwerpen op 5 min van mijn stageplek, die klantenkaart is alweer bijna vol, oeps! 😀 En ik ben al druk BBQ’s aan het plannen, ohja, nooit te vroeg daarvoor!

  • BBQ is altijd awesome 😉

  • Haha twee keer BBQ, iemand heeft er zin in! 😀
    Naomi, x