Shopping my closet #2: Hot pink cardigan

top: Massimo Dutti • cardigan: Zara • pants: Zara • booties: via • cross body bag: Kate Spade • Glasses: Kinto

If we would be real life friends, and you’d rummage through my wardrobe like many of my girlfriends do, you’ll notice I have a seemingly endless collection of simple Zara cardigans.  I have them in every basic color, from black to white, and one in a striking hot pink. One day in late January, I remembered I still had a few euros left in my PayPal account after buying two Christmas presents on Etsy earlier. Zara was having their famous after-sale and these cardigans were going for a mere €6 a piece. I was feeling brave that day, very brave and bought the pink one I’m wearing in the photos, instead of my usual suspects black or navy. I wore it twice (the first time and the second time) before it disappeared into the depths of my wardrobe (being the bottom of my colored cardigan pile) to be forgotten and unworn. 

Sales are always hit or miss with me. It’s big love between me and my purple French Connection dress and the Massimo Dutti olive-colored dress from my last post, but other items remained unloved for long stretches of time. When the PR team behind reached out to me and wanted to work on a post about sale shopping, I opened my closet doors and went through each pile, trying to remember what was bought with a coupon or on sale. Somehow while throwing things over my shoulder like a wild teen trying to decide what to wear to tonights party, this cardigan, striped top and pink cardigan landed on the floor in each others proximity. Ta-dam: an outfit was born. With the cargo pants being a big favorite of mine (long time readers might remember it from 99% of last Springs outfits) and the misfitted cardigan this outfit was perfect for my February outfit series. My boyfriend didn’t like the look so much, and maybe he was right when he said it would’ve worked better with a pair of blue jeans. But hey, these cargo pants are awesome and if I want to wear them, I’m wearing them.

Those who I’ve made curious about, can check out their website or brand new blog Daily Solden. The principle behind the website is easy: if you live in Belgium and enjoy online shopping, you must always check the website for coupon – and sale codes, before you check-out. I’ve made it my routine, and I hope you do too!

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  • charles

    love this look, especially your awesome cargos!

  • Love the pink cardi with the stripes! 🙂 The majority of my wardrobe is sale purchases too, although I am trying to get more use out of what I wear and rotate around instead of picking the same suspects all the time 🙂 Crazy how easily things can get lost at the back of the wardrobe!

    Away From Blue

  • Love the cardigan! Bright colored cardigans are my favorite! I love getting things on sale — it’s like finding buried treasure!

  • The olive is an unexpected color pairing and it would have worked with blue jeans too, but I think this way is cute as well. You look cute in a bold color.

  • Love those cargo pants! I used to wear cargo pants all the time, but they were baggy and ill-fitting, unlike these smart ones.

    Sales are hit or miss with me too, but this pink cardigan is so pretty. Definitely a winner!

  • Love this pop of pink on what is a dreary day in Indiana (and I don’t even like pink, that’s what winter is doing to me). I like it with the cargo pants, and the boyfriend already has your next outfit picked out for you. Good work, team!

  • Cardigans are a recent obsession of mine. In fact, I never really appreciated their versatility and necessity until around the time I started blogging! I love this hot pink one with the cargo pants! I have a hot pink cardigan and cargo pants–I’m gonna have to steal this look when I can wear my regular pants again.

  • Nothing beats a fabulous cardigan. Especially the ones from Zara!! And I love this look on you. I’d wear it in a heartbeat!! xoxo

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  • Sometimes I’m not sure if I love something because I love it, or if I love it because it was such a good price! I think this cardigan is a great purchase, and it’s good to get a little outside your comfort zone too!

  • Leuk die pop of colour 🙂

  • Ik ben jaloers op je tas 🙁 Ik vind het roze topje heel goed staan op de khaki broek!

  • Mah, dat staat leuk met die cargo pants. Ongewoon & schattig, past perfect bij jou 😀
    Naomi, x

  • It’s a nice cardigan though, you should wear it more often! Having said that, I have one of those basic V-neck H&M sweaters in pink which I haven’t worn in ages…

  • I wish I had enough clothes to dig through and discover forgotten treasure. When I return home for a visit from Seoul, I will know that feeling when I look at everything I packed up and left behind!

    Anyway, I would avoid a color like that if I saw it, but seeing it in this outfit really complements it perfectly and you miiight have converted me into a believer. Maybe.

  • great idea! love that sweater!


  • You always look so cute. I think hot pink is a wonderful color on you and I love how it looks with those green pants. I’ve really been wanting a pair of green pants!

  • Wat zie je er schattig en leuk uit! is inderdaad een handige site 🙂

  • Zara cardigans are so great to pull a wardrobe together, and this one is such a pretty one!

  • birtegovarts

    Staat je nochtans super, die kleur!

  • leuke outfit!

  • Ik vind de kleur super goed bij jou staan. En ik snap waarom je boyfriend voor de jeans zou gaan, maar ik vind deze ‘minder veilige’ keuze net zo geslaagd!

  • lippylash

    De kleur staat je super goed! niet twijfelen over kleurtjes!!!!

  • Wat een fijne schoenen! Ze zien er uit als de iets draagbare versie van de pistols, ideaal voor een platte schoenen meisje zoals ik zelf. Mijn pistols komen alleen buiten op dagen die vooral bestaan uit zitten en weinig rondwandelen 😉

  • i think your bf is so wrong 🙂 i love the look of a bright pop of color against a more muted color. works perfectly to me!
    xo jac

  • Nicole

    Oh I love this outfit! I like that you didn’t wear it with jeans. Its a little less cookie-cutter. I’m loving it.

  • Tanya Jean

    You can never go wrong with stripes. You are absolutely gorgeous girl, such a fun style 🙂
    xo TJ

  • Streepjes en kaki is echt een bangelijke combi! 🙂

  • De streepjes en het roze zijn zo mooi samen! En die tas <3