shopping my closet #1: colored tights

dress and belt: Massimo Dutti • cardigan: Zara • tights: Veritas • heels: Boo

Hey guys. So yeah, a week of silence. I was going to blog last Monday, but that was before I found out I blissfully forgot about the 90 extra pages I had to study before Fridays final exam. I panicked. And my panic mode was on ’till I closed the door of the examination room behind me. No more exams until June! 

For February I wanted to do something fun with my outfits. I banned myself from the shops at the beginning of January, and my shop-stop has been going well. I wanted to live more thriftily after the Holidays, so that I can save and make all my summer dreams come true. Since I was banned from the in-store sales and online shops, I was designated to wear only the items I already owned. That on its own is not really a challenge, so I tried coming up with an extra twist that could make the challenge fun for the blog too. I learned about the concept of shopping my closet first when Megan did a series about her closet misfits a few years ago. She styled a number of new or barely worn clothes that had been sitting in her wardrobe unworn for too long. I loved the idea, but only ever wrote one post about my own closet misfits and then let it go. During a study break in January I read an online article about the French Closet concept and had a little eureka-moment. I combined the misfit challenge and the savvy shopper idea, and will try to show you 4 of my own closet misfits, combined with my favorite or most worn pieces.

First up are the colored tights! I wore them in the winter of 2011, but when Spring announced itself I stuffed all my pairs far away in my sock drawer and forgot about the trend. When my mom bought me this beautiful, flowy olive-colored dress I didn’t really like how it looked with my black tights and planned to save it for the summer. It’s a beautiful dress, and just like my purple French Connection dress, I had been loving it for a few months before my mom spotted it in the sale. It didn’t feel right to keep a pretty number like this dress in a closet that long, so I went shopping for new tights. Turns out that the perfect pair was buried in the depths of my closet. I wore the dress with these to 3 of my 4 exams in January, and am wearing it again as I am typing this. I’m an avid outfit repeater, but can you blame me?

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  • mark a.

    wowzers! awesome choice! love it! you look gorgeous in this outfit!

  • Александра Захарова

    Those colored tights are really great, look awesome on you, seriously) Those photographs are adorable! You definitely have wonderful sense of style)
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  • Daryl

    Um I LOVE THEM TIGHTS. Also, this was the perfect place to take these photos, the light filtering in through those columns makes my photographer heart stop.

    <3 Daryl

  • birtegovarts

    Leuk outfit. De broekkousen contrasteren mooi met de rest van je kleren!

  • Love that you are wearing colored tights, so cute!!

  • I love this outfit, olive and red always go well together and you did great with what you you had! and honestly dresses like these are so comfortable for exams!

    well it’s good you at least realized the missing 90 pages before the exam!! now you can relax a bit 🙂

    and there is absolutely nothing wrong with re-wearing outfits, I do it all the time I can’t be out buying outfits for each day of the year 🙂


  • Shopping your closet (and avoiding stores–physically and online) are THE best ways to fight the urge to shop. Good luck! Love this combo with the tights!

  • Isn’t it lovely when you rediscover something in your closet? I’m doing the French Wardrobe challenge and it’s refreshing to buy less.

  • This is actually one of my favorite outftis from you. The colored tights manage to look…elegant instead of cute or playful and you look lovely.

    What is the French Closet?

    • The French Wardrobe is a challenge where you limit yourself to only buy 1-5 trend items each season, and invest more in good quality basics like a pair of blue and black jeans, a trench coat, a classic skirt and those kind of things 🙂 I’ve seen variations of it go around the blogs too. xo

  • I love the idea of using those closet misfits more because I have some of those hanging out in the back of my own closet! I need to figure out how to wear those items in a new way because it’s sad that those pieces aren’t being worn!

  • Love those heels,, you look super cute here…

  • Love the bright tights with teh orange dress, such a nice colour combination 🙂

    Glad you’re getting more wear out of what you already own too – I definitely need to work on this more in my own wardrobe, I tend to stick to my favourite items and let others remain unworn for long periods of time.

    Away From Blue

  • I love the idea of a shopping ban, especially because I am saving to travel. I think I need to do this!! I think you have just inspired me!
    I love that outfit and I don’t think that there is anything wrong with being a outfit repeater – if it’s good, it’s good!!

  • Heel leuk met die gekleurde panty’s!

  • lippylash

    Ik heb eigl ook zo ergens nog een lade met gekleurde kousen :p Heel leuke look! en aaah verschrikkelijk opeens ontdekken dat je 90p extra moet leren..

  • Amai ik stond gisteren voor mijn kast en ik was echt aan het denken dat ik eens een outfit moet verzinnen met mijn gekleurde panties omdat die er al zo lang maar wat zitten te liggen 😀
    Heel geslaagd bij jou! Jihaaaa geen examens meeeeer
    Naomi, x

  • I love everything abou this outfit. EVERYTHING.

  • Astrid Thank God It’s

    Leuke outfit!

  • Leuke combinatie! En inderdaad ik zou ook meer moeten shoppen in mijn eigen closet. Ik heb trouwens ook nog een hele berg gekleurde kousen liggen! Je brengt me op ideeën! 😀

  • Ik ben meestal niet echt een fan van gekleurde panties, maar je outfit is wel leuk! ^^

  • I love it. I also have an olive dress and now I want to get that colour tights 🙂 But coloured tights are strangely rare in South Africa and I might never see that colour.

  • love those tights!!


  • Mooi gecombineerd! Ik vind het altijd zo fijn om een nieuwe combinatie te ontdekken in je eigen kleerkast, beter dan shoppen 😉

  • Ooh leuk! Vrolijk zo, die gekleurde beentjes 🙂

  • hele mooie kleurencombi! ik zou ze ook nog eens moeten uithalen! xo

  • Yay, nou eindelijk zijn de examens voorbij! Geniet van je vakantie en vrije tijd, dat heb je verdient! Prachtige outfit trouwens en je panty’s zijn heel speels. I like it!

  • Ik vind gekleurde panties altijd zo moeilijk om te dragen!

  • Such pretty, rich colors in this outfit! Really lovely, and your shoes are amazing.

  • Leuk met die rode panty, ik weet nooit hoe ik zoiets moet combineren… Maar jij doet het heel goed 😉

  • ze zien er goed uit op de foto (mede dankzij je killer legs), maar ik vrees dat die niet mooi zouden zijn bij mij.