Tis the season: Zalando pop-up shop opening

I am sitting behind my rental desk in my rental studio in the flannel PJs that my mom gifted me a few weeks ago. Behind me is my bed with flannel covers, waiting for me to crawl in and depart to dreamland. Yet, I suddenly realized it is Thursday, and Thursdays are my posting days. And I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep without having this post up. So here it is: my first Holiday inspired post of this winter season!

Last week, Naomi, Maya and I got together in Brussels and went to the most jolly blogger event I’ve ever been to: The Zalando Pop-Up shop opening. “Pop-up” seems to be the latest hipster word, hence it has been elected in the final voting round for word of the year. Most pop-up shops I’ve known about stick around for a few months or maybe even an entire (fashion) season, but Zalando decided to do things a little different. Scarcity creates interest, and so the Zalando shop was only open for two days! 

The concept was simple. The pop-up shop served as a showroom where people could see a range of clothing, shoes and decor items that Zalando offers online in real life. You couldn’t buy anything as there was no stock available on the location, but you could place an order through a computer in the store and have the items delivered at your doorstep a mere few days later (their website states it takes a minimal of 5 days to deliver a package, but mine already arrived after 3 days last year! – best service ever!). 

Through the photos above, you can get impression of the pop-up shop. It was suuuuper small, and jam-packed with bloggers from all across our tiny nation. It was an absolutely great night, and I had so much fun with my accompanying ladies. We tried on a lot of accessories, decorated our own candle, enjoyed delicious meatballs and a glass of cava, and even found a bit of room to make outfit photos. 

There are so many items in the photos that it’s an almost impossible task to feature them all on the blog. If you see anything you love, I can always try to find it online for you. Don’t hesitate to ask!

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