Travel outfit: Pont Neuf, Paris

Massimo Dutti top • Gap Jeans • Jonak booties • Nikon camera bag

*Yawn*. I still am a bit sleep-deprived after this weekend, even though I got a few good nights of sleep this week. It’s been going well. Most classes are very interesting and have a good build and are very structured, so I don’t feel the transition from my last school to uni too much. There’s one course however that is going to costs me pure blood, sweat and tears to finish. Many students will agree: Statistics is not for pussies.

So, a little outfit-talk. Paris equals cobble stones and like many Belgians, I absolutely hate those. And so do my feet and knees. They’re still a bit sore from all the cobblestone walking we did on Sunday. I knew this was going to happen, so I chose a pair of room-y booties with a decent heel, but I’m not even sure if my wise shoe choice made that much of a difference. Can’t.Move.My.Legs. Stripes are often considered part of the French womans daily uniform, so I picked out my new top from Massimo Dutti to wear on our day trip. I love this thing. It’s made of cotton, with a bit of elastane for stretching purposes, has leather trimmings and a little gold zipper on the left shoulder. The zipper did hurt after a while, because I usually wear my cross-shoulder bags on the left, so I took my heavy camera equipment out of my camera bag and secured it in my backpack (Thank God not pictured – it was pink!). These jeans are the only blue jeans I own and I am totally slapping myself right now because I totally forgot to stop by the Gap store on the Champs-Elysées to shop for an extra pair. Does this give me an excuse to go back to France?

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  • Leuke outfit, perfecte locatie voor foto's ook ^^

  • Mademoiselle Sophistique

    leuke outfit missy, die streepjes doen ook lekker parijs' aan 🙂

  • Marion van Zutphen

    Mooie outfit, streepjes blijven!

  • Such a cute, casual sight-seeing outfit! That striped top is really nice with the jeans 🙂

    Glad uni is going well for you too!

    Away From Blue

  • Melissa Meussen

    Heel mooie outfit!

  • The only thing missing here is a beret 😉

  • Nicole

    Love the boots! And yes, I think its your duty to go back to France now and visit Gap. One of my all time favorites stores 🙂

  • simpel & leuk! ik kijk uit naar mijn trip to pariiiis

  • Faith

    Love those booties!

  • Mooie outfit Nikki! Ik wil ook zo'n coole blurry achtergronden btw. Heel veel sterkte met statistiek! Als jullie werken met 'R' kan ik mss een beetje helpen maar echt niemand werkt met dat programma :p
    Naomi, x

  • Nikki

    such a simple and cute outfit! love!


  • Yes, it definitely gives you an excuse to go back to Paris!

    I like the outfit. Simple but classy.

  • Oh jeetje, nee wij gebruiken the usual badass: Spss. Ik kon het nog een beetje van in mijn 2e jaar HS, maar de theorieles gaat over multivariate analyse en ik kan er NIETS van!

  • Go back, go back! 🙂

  • oh Nikki, i bet your mind is so overloaded with input that it's making you all the more tired just from working so hard. glad you're getting some much deserved shut-eye though 🙂 gosh, do i ever recall the many boot slip ups when i'd get mine caught in a cobblestone divit while traveling through Europe. the clickety-clack of my suitcase trailing behind me always did remind me to smile through it though. cos i knew i was in a "foreign land" so all was good!!

    such a fab denim and stripes look – pure casual/chic! Gap jeans are something i can't get enough of either, they really do have the best fit and last forever. hope you get your 2nd pair hook-up soon!!

  • Leuke outfit 🙂 simpel maar mooi!

  • Amélie De Rycke

    casual maar knap!

  • Met streepjes in Parijs kan je niet verkeerd gaan <3

  • Cute outfit!! Who can resist wearing stripes in Paris? No one I'm sure! I hate cobblestones too, but at least they look pretty lol!

  • The Adored Life

    Um…. you are required to go back to Paris! You have such amazing experiences traveling!

  • I really like this outfit! the boots are lovely.

  • Mooie outfit! Ik heb ook ooit statistiek gehad en dat was echt een ramp, veel succes ermee! 🙂

  • Hele mooie outfit! Heel Parisien! 🙂



  • Amai direct the big guns 😀 Het enige wat je kan is heel veel oefenen. (en dan nog een beetje)

  • Gioiaarduini

    Hm, ik wil ook terug naar Paris! Leuke, simpele outfit!

  • tres parisienne, heel mooi

  • Kaysie G

    I feel like your hair color is always a perfect accessory to your outfits. And maybe this is crazy, but I feel like it would match any shoes haha. Sometimes I think my hair makes my outfits clash… oh, to be a redhead 😉

  • Your shoes are very cute, even if your feet didn't feel that great by the end of the day! Shoes that look great AND that you can walk for miles and miles without end in without any pain are rare!

  • nancy @ adore to adorn

    I am loving this Parisian inspired outfit, down to those shoes! I'm sad to hear that you still felt the cobblestone effect BUT I do love them with the striped shirt. =)

  • You look very Parisian indeed! Love that striped top on you!

    Exploring My Style

  • Hello there! Your outfit is so Parisian chic- I love it. I hated the cobblestone paths in London, so I can feel your pain! Good luck with the recovery process haha! And grabbing another pair of jeans is most definitely an excuse to go back to France!! go do it! 🙂

  • petra lorietta

    beautiful photos!♥ love the striped top!:)

  • ZOals die onder mij zegt! U haar is echt het perfecte accessoire!

  • Cobblestones sound terrible. 🙁 On another note: Girl, you better get you some more jeans! That's crazy!

    xo Ashley

  • Hannah Gottlieb-Graham

    I am so into your classic style! You're a darling!

    Xo, Hannah

  • T.

    The stripes are perfect for Paris!

  • Oh, superleuke outfit (:
    Wat een leuk shirtje ^^

    Liefs, Liese

  • the|avantguardian

    Love reading your Paris posts! I'll be in Paris next month and I'm already looking forward to it!

  • you kind of have to wear stripes when you're paris, don't you? it's a shame your shoes were hurting your feet but you always end up doing so much walking when you're on holidays it's hard for that not to happen no matter what shoes you're wearing.

    little henry lee

  • EnterKelly

    I was going to say, the stripes were a great choice 😉 😉

  • Leuke outfit! En alle schoenen doen pijn na een hele dag wandelen :p

  • Mounia
  • Ashley

    You are adorable! I love that you are wearing stripes in Paris…it's perfection:)


    Twenties Girl

  • I always love a good striped shirt! Perfect outfit for walking around!


    Jeans and a Teacup

  • You know, I never would have imagined that the cobblestones would start to be painful – clearly, I've never been anywhere where they are abundant! And you look very Parisian in the whole look, the stripes are definitely necessary for Paris 🙂

  • Joyce Chen

    I love that cute stripe top and the booties! Never knew that cobblestone is painful to walk on, I've only walked for a few hours at a time on those but that's good to know for the future! 🙂

  • Laura

    Comme une vraie Parisienne! Mooi hoor Nikki 🙂 Ik vind het ook wel moeilijk om mij te kleden als ik op citytrip ben – ik wil er steeds uitzien als een 'local', maar toch wel comfy gekleed zijn én voorzien zijn op onvoorziene weersomstandigheden. Zoals jou zou ik er ook wel willen bijlopen 😉

  • Fijne outfit, streepjes werken altijd!

  • Catherine

    I'm loving the casual yet cute look, such a great on-the-go traveling outfit! Also, the striped shirt in Paris seems so perfectly French.

  • Perfecte look voor Parijs 😀 ik heb eigenlijk totaal niets gemerkt van die stenen, ik had ballerina's aan :p ah wacht misschien wel 1 keer 😀 en terug gaan naar de Gap store is echt een legitiem excuus om nog eens terug gaan :p doe eens zot haha