My go-to outfit

Zara dress • Essentiel bag • Cypres heels • Stradivarius belt

Outside, the rain is pouring from the skies. I’m wearing my comfy over-sized pajamas and I’m looking at very expensive decoration items online. My student apartment doesn’t need a kitchen aid, now does it? Life has been a bit crazy these past few days. I traveled a lot and seem to have been everywhere and nowhere these past few days. It feels good to kick back behind my laptop and type this blog post.

My mom and I went to London from Thursday to Saturday. I must say, I was a good girl when we decided to hit Regent Street and Oxford Street for a bit of shopping. Of course I did get a few things, such as a new pair of jeans, that you’ll see coming by on this blog more soon than they probably should (they’re fall items after all). I’m especially in love of my new dress and I can’t wait to share an outfit with you all! 

For today I have nothing to share but my go-to outfit. I love this dress,  even though it’s a basic number from Zara. It’s an easy to wear thingy, and therefor always a safe option. Suffice it to say that on the day we took these photos I was not really in my element. I had been standing in font of my very full, but oh so empty closet for I don’t even know how long that morning when I decided this outfit would work best. After we had taken these photos in the city, next to a designer labels headquarters full of stylish ladies, I was feeling a lot less confident about my outfit choice. Then a girl at a table we walked past made a very loud (sorry young lady, you really are terrible at whispering) comment to the boy she was with that I was too pale to wear black and tan. Thank you, for making me feel even more unsure about my looks that day. Not a good day.

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  • Effortlessly chic! I actually pinned an outfit that looked just like this on Pinterest last night! And that girl is obviously insecure, especially if she whispered it loudly to her boyfriend. What I wouldn't give for your fiery hair and fair skin!

    xx, julie

  • These kind of dresses are meant to be "go-to", 'cause they could be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion.
    I personally think that your pale skin looks extremly sophisticated. You are like 18th century royalty. I trully believe it is pretty and sun tan is not helthy for the skin anyway! 🙂

  • What a ridiculous thing to say! Pale skin is so beautiful and it looks great contrasting with the black. Anyway, I love your dress and outfit. I've been really liking simpler shapes and neutral colours lately.

  • I love this classic combination!!
    kisses from Milano

  • Beautiful dress!

  • oeh love the dress, love the bag, en zeer benieuwd naar de jeans 😀 ik heb onlangs ook een nieuwe jeans gekocht (onlangs als in 4 dagen geleden) en ik ben er echt abnormaal content mee, een goede jeans is zo moeilijk te vinden 😀

  • Bas

    WhatEVEEER this must be one of my favourite looks on you, gorgeous! My opinion counts more obviously (ha). London pics soooon?


  • Heel leuk!

  • Je ziet er super uit en zeker niet te wit om zwart te dragen!!! Gewoon negeren, zulke commentaren. Ik vind het een super mooi kleedje, je ziet er zeer gesofisticeerd uit 🙂 Kheb da soms ook, dan weet ik totaal niet wat aan te doen. En ben ik super onzeker als ik iemand passeer die er volgens mij 10x beter er uit ziet.
    Pietzak, kon je me niet meenemen naar Londen? Ik ging ook braaf zijn hoor 😉

    x Audrey

  • That dress is so pretty! It looks so silky and comfy! It would be my go-to dress too!

  • Wat heerlijk dat je naar Londen geweest bent 🙂 JE outfit is erg leuk, casual maar mooi!

    XO Imke

  • Oh hello GORGEOUS! Forget what that person said, that person does NOT know what they are talking about! Honestly people just need to have better social graces.

  • your hair looks absolutely beautiful in these pictures!

  • A perfect LBD. Not too pale for either color, how silly. I think you look classic an striking and confident!

  • Oh god. Too pale to wear black and tan? Honestly she must be crazy. I was just about to say how awesome you look and how effortlessly you pull of this look. It's perfect. Screw her. She probably felt awful in what she was wearing and needed to make herself feel better.

  • What a horrible comment for her to make. I actually think you look amazing in the black dress with the tan touches. Obviously she doesn't know what she's talking about!

    x karen

  • I think this is a great go-to outfit. You can't go wrong with a simple dress. I have a few easy-to-wear dresses I throw on when I have no idea what to wear. You just know they look good no matter what!

    Also, Whhhaaat? That girl is seriously rude. She doesn't know what she's talking about either. Pale people can wear whatever colors they want!

  • black and brown never looked as good!!! so classic so chic!

    Animated Confessions

  • Pale women to pale woman: you are never too pale to wear black! I think you look phenomenal in this outfit and I am loving the way you styled it with brown leather belt! xoxo, Bethann

  • I think she was just a jealous b**** 😉
    You look amazing in this dress!

  • Hele mooie outfit! Leuk met de details!

  • Too pale to wear black and tan?! I should hope not, as I love wearing that combination too! She was just being jealous, you look amazing 🙂

    It's nice to have simple but powerful little outfits to fall back on, for those "I have nothing to wear" days we all have!

    Away From The Blue

  • Mah, ik wou net zeggen hoe goed je er wel niet uitziet met deze kleuren. Ik vind dat ook echt niet leuk als mensen zeggen dat ik van bepaalde (haar)kleuren moet wegblijven omdat ik een lichte huid heb. Ik doe wat ik wil, verdorie! 😀 Die handtas is zoooo prachtig btw.
    Naomi, x

  • Ik vind juist dat het u prachtig staat! You look like a fancy lady! ps doe je nu mee met de photo challenge?

  • Fantastisch! Staat je echt goed. Simpel maar mooi.

  • Hi Nikki, I must say you are fantastic and your hair look so silky and gorgeous)
    Those photographs are also adorable! To visit London is one of my dreams, and I definitely think you are lucky one to be there and walk down these beautiful streets) Gladly followed you with GFC, hope you can do same;)
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  • First of all, you should totally ignore that comment because she's obviously wrong. I love this outfit on you, it looks great!

    Its so funny, too, because I have the exact same go-to outfit! haha. Well, almost. I have a black dress just like that– slightly above the knee, high neck, sleeveless. I pair it with either a gold metallic braided belt, or a brown leather one like yours. Seriously, its what I grab every time I don't know what else to wear. Its always perfect 🙂

  • Je bent echt zo een cutie! en te dure decor items bekijken is gwn een must van tijd tot tijd!

  • super love your outfit.. so chic 🙂

  • I love it! So sleek, elegant, and classy. Yet it can be worn casually! I need this dress in my life!

  • so darling! this is such a classic outfit, I love it!

    Lady à la Mode

  • Heel classy en mooi! 🙂

  • oh this outfit is so elegant!♥ you look amazing!:)

  • Ik vind je blog naam echt GEWELDIG! ik hou van rosse mensen! en je ziet er ook nog eens goed uit! ik kwam even piepen! 🙂

  • Dit staat je zo goed, dus zeker niet luisteren naar wat die **** te zeggen hebben 😀

  • classic!

  • Black and brown – my favorite neutrals to mix! Love it 🙂

    Rachel Emma
    Daydream Frenzy

  • I like the simplicity of this dress. Very elegant.


  • This dress fits you like a dream! Sometimes all a girl needs is her favorite LBD, right? The setting of the photos is gorgeous too, I love the little alleyway!

    Xo, Hannah

  • awel ik vind het keischoon bij u! trek u niets aan van die trut :p misschien tot vrijdag?
    xo Charlotte – aliceroxy

  • Ik vind dat die jurk je juist heel goed staat! Mooie outfit!

  • Seriously?? This is a perfect go-to outfit! Everyone looks good in black and the tan belt adds a lot to it! Don't listen to her, you look AWESOME!

    Exploring My Style

  • such a beautiful dress, and i love that bag!! xx


  • trés chic my dear! The is simplicity at its finest!


  • wow lades, the classics really suit you! i mean that dress and the simplistic pairings you chose make me crush hard on this look!!

    i'm sort of struck by what you overheard though, does that girl not see cream dipped skin like yours throughout ALL the top fashion pages of Vogue. etc – not to mention the hottest stars across the globe…like Julianne Moore or Emma Stone who rock a look like this…just as you have here. pay no heed to her Nikki, you look beautiful and honestly i don't think there's anything you could put on that would change that! xo ♥

  • Laura Peuhkurinen

    I jus love your look! Always so fresh and natural 🙂
    ps I love it how this outfit matches with your hair