Weekend wear: sporty and spicey

What I am wearing – Shorts: Vila • T-shirt: Only Sport • Ring: Louche • Flats: Nine West

We’re almost half way through our summer, but the weather won’t show for it. It has been H.O.T. out here so a pair of shorts and a breezy T-shirt were more than welcome during this intense heat. These photos were taken somewhere on a bright and sunny afternoon last week, so hence why the photos are so overexposed and saturated. I wasn’t sure about posting these, but hey, you have the right to see what my real heatwave fashion is like too! 

A gigantic thunderstorm kept me awake on Saturday, and as sleeping was not an option I started worrying about things happening in my life. Will I be smart enough to succeed at university? (m I doing good enough at blogging? Have I been spending too much? Am I taking enough chances? Am I spending my vacation time useful enough? This ever so pressuring, rotating thought mill crushed the potential of sleeping at all on that wild night. 

The thing is. We sort of buried our plans to make a longer trip in September as our financials haven’t been as balanced as we had hoped. We’re toying with some nearly impossible ideas about road tripping the West-Coast next year, but I’m not gaining much hope from idle ideas like that one. Suddenly, in the middle of my thought process, I remembered about the promise I made to myself. The one where I pledged to travel alone and not be scared about it. I woke up Sunday – Surprisingly, I had some sleep after all – with a sleepy and painfully pounding head, but a very clear idea of what I had to do. “There’s a bus leaving for Canterbury again on august 10th and I have to get on it!” – I said to myself. And so it happened, I mailed the bus company a reservation form and now have my fingers crossed there’s still a seat available. And that my boss won’t call me to work. That too.

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  • You look really pretty here! Love your shirt!
    You should really should roadtrip West Coast sometime. I love it there! I keep the fingers crossed for you too, I have friends in Canterbury, which I met on a festival a few years ago. I really want to visit them sometime x

  • Traveling alone sounds scary, but we really should stop holding ourselves back from doing what we really want to! I think everyone struggles with it.

  • Yay for you! And I love the background in these shots, the door and the cobblestones are interesting.

  • Leuke outfit! Ik ben een paar jaar geleden in Canterbury geweest en ik vond het een hele mooie stad! Hopelijk mag je gaan!

  • Such a nice classic black and white outfit – jeans and a tee is perfect for the heat! 🙂

    Glad that you were able to make some nice plans although you were kept awake – hope your travels work out, you get a spot on the bus and have lots of fun! 🙂

    Away From Blue

  • fantastic.

  • my summer uniform has been shorts and a light tee, because it has been so hot. thankfully, it's cooled down some the past few days! I've only traveled alone a few times. It's not too scary. Just make sure you have a general plan!

  • Those shorts look super cute!

  • What an incredible door behind you! I love your simple outfit, very chic 🙂

    Xo, Hannah


  • Die short staat je beestig! 😉
    Hoe vaak ik wel niet wakker lig met mijn gedachten.. Ik denk dat velen dat wel herkennen!
    Naomi, x

  • Hele mooie short!
    En hopelijk kan je naar Canterbury gaan, ik ben er nog nooit geweest 🙂

  • Leuke outfit :)!

  • Heel erg leuke casual outfit! Ik hoop met je mee dat je naar Canterbury kan 🙂

    XO Imke

  • nice post my friend, i am totally liking the look from head to toe. Really chic!

    Into The Blush, a Beauty Blog by Kenny.

  • i have been living in the same outfit: shorts + shirt for this summer! hahaha! can't blame you.. they're so easy, casual and comfy! 😀

    Animated Confessions

  • Tof shirt! En och meid, dat wakker liggen en maar denken en denken en denken? Heel herkenbaar…

  • You make relaxed look pretty. Hope it cools off though!

  • I hate those kind of sleepless nights. I'm sure everything will work out though. Try not to stress so much!
    Chic on the Cheap

  • Those large doors are so beautiful! What a great spot you picked to take this shoot 🙂

    I love those shorts and I am SO SAD Summer is almost over, ahhh!


  • OH! Good for you. I hope you get that seat!!
    Love this sporty vibe look. The t-shirt is awesome!

  • Niet zoveel denken, gewoon doen! 🙂 Leuke outfit en zalige locatie!

  • Whaaaaa, zo spannend, ik ben blij voor jou, mag ik mee? 🙂
    En die eerste foto is stunning!


  • Leuke look 🙂 en perfect voor het warme weer (dat terug komt aaah)
    En niet kunnen slapen, herkenbaar gevoel! Wel goed dat al het tobben uiteindelijk een nieuw idee bracht. Hopelijk is er nog een plekje vrij 😀

  • lovely as usual!

  • I wish I was tall like you! You could wear a burlap sack and still look sexy! Still lovin the leather shorts!

    xx, Julie

  • oh my die shorts zijn perfectie! die snit is echt zo flatterend!

  • Leuk shortje meid 🙂

  • Simple but still cute outfit. You look great. Want to follow each other? Let me know.


  • Pretty outfit!


  • ssshht don't remind me summer is half way over! :p super leuke outfit! en de achterkant van de tshirt was een leuke verassing! ook heel mooie achtergrond.

  • Simpel maar toch classy, I like!