I want to ride my Bycicle



K and I went for one last stroll through the city a warm evening before the beginning of his exam period. I took my camera with me, like always. I don’t really know why, but I was photographing every old bike, Vespa scooter or floral anything we passed along our walk. I shot these photos with free handed, not really looking at what was in focus or minding the composition. I was in a mood to do random things that night. Some of these really came out nicely, I think. As I was editing them I kinda felt like faking an old film-effect. Again very random as I usually prefer my images sharp, with bright colors and  clear light. Looking at these photos in a post, I really miss my own bike. My dad was going to replace the tires, but as my bike is over 25 years old, it’s really hard to find tires that have the right size. My bike has been standing upside down in our garden for the past two and a bit years and it’s overgrown by weeds and covered in spider webs. Maybe one day.

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  • I instantly thought of old school film when I saw this! Beautiful!

  • i love these photos. love them.
    and ahh i want to ride my bike now.
    dang it.


  • These photos are lovely, the vintage effect on them is just perfect. I like switching up how I edit photos sometimes too xo

  • Oooh mooie foto's! Mijn fiets is gepikt 🙁

  • beautiful photos!
    Sandy a la Mode

  • Jij moet mij écht eens helpen met de instellingen van m'n camera goed in te stellen, jouw foto's zijn altijd ZO mooi!


  • Love these shots!!

  • im loving all these bicycle images!! 😀 can't wait to ride mine this summer!

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  • Ik word ook vaak aangetrokken tot fietsen of vespa's zeker zo in het buitenland en dan met een romantisch mandje eraan.. Ik heb ooit een post I want to ride my bike genoemd en daar kwam major spam of af.. just a little warning 😉

  • Zo'n mooie foto's altijd!

  • I like the vintage-y effect 🙂

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  • wat een prachtige foto's weer meid, je kan er wat van!

  • Lovely photos, such nice editing!

    Shame about your old bike, hopefully you or your Dad come across the perfect tires at a vintage sale or something! 🙂

    Away From Blue

  • I love the photos of old bikes and scooters, and your aro so cute ^^

  • Beautiful pictures!


  • LOVE LOVE the second photo! Gorgeous, Nikki 🙂

  • That second photo is PERFECTION. If only I had my laptop back, I could dig out some of mine.. I did them in a b&w, old-timey movie style!
    I love bikes 🙂

  • Leuke Diary,mooie foto s!

  • these photos are awesome. Would love to ride around right now instead of sit in the office haha

  • Beautiful Blog,

  • Mooie foto's! Ik wil zo graag zo'n cool versierde en beschilderde fiets, maar met mijn geluk wordt die toch meteen gepikt..
    Naomi, x

  • FANTASTIC photos. Seriously, lovely.

  • beautiful pctures dear <3

  • Mooie foto's! Door dat laatste straatje wandel ik bijna elke dag naar school, het is daar zo mooi 🙂

  • Mooie foto's girly!

  • ze zijn heel goed gelukt! supermooi zo n oude vespa's!
    xo Charlotte – Aliceroxy

  • These are beautiful shots! I recently got a beautiful pink bike made by Papillionaire that I love taking photos of! I'm sure someday soon you'll get a new bike or repair your old one!

    Xo, Hannah