Partyin’ Partyin’ Yeah!

Zara dress //  Promod bag // Boo shoes // Twice as Nice earrings // H&M Tights

I’ve been pondering about what to write about today for a few minutes now. Things have come across my misty brain, silly subjects mainly, like a post about my morning ritual. Only that, I don’t wear make-up, so that post would be quite the short one. On the other hand, a lot of readers like short posts as they are not here to read me chattering. Then I thought to write about the most epic, awesome, stupidest-thing-to-do-when-you-have-no-money thing that I did last weekend. Unfortunately for you, I don’t want to jinx it and besides, it’s way to fun to tease you guys by saying I did something awesome (or at least in my mind it is) and then not tell you what it is. Just because I can. Keanu would approve me doing what I want. 

Okay, I think that was enough dialectical talk for today. I think my philosophy exam is going to be awesome (it’s about having a dialectal point of view, you see), just like that awesome thing I did but will not tell you about. Okay okay, I’m lame, I know. But I’m incredibly afraid of jinxing it, as it is something I’ve been looking forward to so much since the last time I did it. Giving away a teaser doesn’t count for jinxing it, now does it?
Let’s finally have a quick word about this outfit. Yes, this dress is shorter than my average ones. It’s also something I don’t usually wear as it is more of a sexy one, and cannot be put under the category ‘college appropriate’ at all. But I just love the way it suits me, even though I’m completely curve less. The green hue is simply perfect. And yes, it does remind me a lot of the color of our Christmas tree right now, but its color matches my hair in a way I cannot help but love. Those two things are entirely unrelated. Okay, so why did I wear it? Because it’s K’s favorite and we had had a little fight last week and I wanted to make up for my crazy, woman-with-hormones behavior. And maybe because he gets extra sweet and does the dishes for me when I wear this. Just maybe. 

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  • Eenvoudig maar mooi!

  • prachtig kleedje, staat je echt heel erg mooi! ♥

  • Love that dress on you – really suits you. Hope you two made up 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing what you did last weekend, you will tell us eventually right? 😀

  • Anonymous

    Why don't you wear makeup?

    • Well noticed. There are a few reasons why I never use make-up.

      I don't wear it because I am allergic to a component used in many everyday cosmetics. I found that I can actually use a lot of products of the more expensive brands like Guerlain and special powders and mascara sold at pharmacies. Like I said, those products are often more expensive than what I'd like to spend on make-up and as I'm a non-working student this is just not doable for me. Another reason why I shy away from using products is because as a girl with fair skin, light lashes, lighter eyebrows and freckles, I find it generally hard to find fitting make-up. Ever tried finding that perfect mascara, that you are NOT allergic too and that will not make you look like a total bimbo? Yeah, I find it not that easy! Thirdly, I am very sensitive to Eye infections. I modeled for a friends make-up exams (she studied bio-aesthetics in high school) and every single time the eye make-up resulted in a visit to my optician (who's also a certified eye doctor). No fun, really.
      And lastly, I honestly don't feel a need to wear make-up. After noticing my skin and eyes did not handle make-up well, I stopped trying and never used it anymore.

      I can in all honesty say that I have never, by anyone in my (offline) life, been pressured to use it nor have I ever been laughed at for my skins condition. Now, I can't help but wonder if this comment is meant as a "subtle" way to tell me you feel I need to wear make-up, or even to suggest I'm ugly. I tried to answer your question the best way I could, but I want to ask you to please accompany criticism / questions with a little more text / explanation so I don't have to worry about reading this as an attack on my appearance, when you only asked me this out of curiosity.

      xo Nikki

    • Anonymous

      I was just curous, and like to keep the questions short and sweet:) my English is poor.
      Thank you for explanation

  • i love your smile baby


  • Gorgeous, love green on you!

  • This dress looks seriously amazing on you. your body is ridiculous! you look beautiful.

    sorry for the gushing, but you really do look great here 🙂

  • great photos, you amaze me every day with more wonderful post in the blog!

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  • That dress looks awesome on you!

    Sophisticated Lace

  • Love you in green! Next year's top color is supposed to be emerald, what luck for us gingers! I'm frankly surprised that you got an anonymous comment that wasn't straight spam – 100% of my anon commenters are spammers.

  • This dress looks gorgeous on you! And I think it's totally college appropriate!
    Your philosophy exam sounds great, I love philosophy. Good luck!

  • Schoon kleedje, staat u echt goed! En met een trui en casual boots zou je dat toch kunnen dragen om naar school te gaan?
    Ahnee want jij hebt geen school meer ECHT ONEERLIJK 😀 😀


  • i adore that dress!!
    have a nice holiday:)
    kisses from milano

  • K.

    Hello fellow redhead:) beautiful dress!

  • the color of the dress suits you perfectly,you look amazing!

  • This dress is stunning on you, really compliments your hair color. And by the way, I think you are beautiful without makeup. Wish I could pull it off as well as you do 🙂
    xo Jac

  • You look amazing in this dress!! I love that colour on you and the cut is fabulous!

  • pretty and cute!!
    like your dress so much..
    want to follow each other? tell me if you want

  • wicked awesome dress!! what a great color on you. hope you spill the awesome thing you did last weekend soon!


  • Hi Nikki! The green dress is gorg! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I'd love to follow each other! I'm following now via GFC #676! It would be great if you could follow back! Also, let me know if you want to follow each other on facebook, bloglovin, pinterest, etc. Thanks!

  • I love this dress on you! The color is gorgeous with your hair and I think it's really flattering too.

  • Very nice dress. Fits you perfectly. And keep on rambling 😉

  • De jurk staat je heel goed, simpel en chic! Kon ik maar zoiets aantrekken :). Ga je ooit vertellen wat je hebt gedaan want nu ben ik wel razend benieuwd, foei :D!

  • You look gorgeous. That is such a great color for you and though you say you're curve-less, this dress proves otherwise!

  • who cares if it might be a touch shorter than you'd like – you look amazing in this dress! Not to mention how well the green looks against your coloring, and since emerald is the color of 2013, I hope you'll be wearing it a lot more!
    Chic on the Cheap

  • loving your green dress! <3 mind to follow each other? i followed u first.hope we can keep in touch 🙂

  • Hey good looking! This dress looks stunning on you. And I'm perfectly happy if you ramble on dialectically about anything. I will read it, I promise.

    I love that you don't wear makeup and not just because it saves you a trip to the doctor. I can see that you are truly beautiful and you don't even need makeup to enhance your features. I only use a tinted moisturizer and mascara because I cannot be bothered to do anything else. It's so much work!

    I hope you ace your exams. I believe in you! Good luck Nikki!

  • I think that dress gives you curves! It's so flattering on you and makes me wish I could wear something like that! Now that you mentioned your awesome thing you did, you have to spill. I'm always looking for things to do when I have no money. LOL. Hope you have a great weekend! <3


  • hands down amazing

  • That green colour is so perfect on you! And it fits you to a T, you look amazing!

    Alexandra xo

  • Gorgeous look, very pretty! Love everything about it!

    Official Facebook Page

  • haha, i would wear that everyday if it got my hubby to do the dishes! 🙂 But it does look gorgeous on you – so lovely with your red hair and crazy long legs!

  • The green looks stunning on you and the fit is fantastic. Brava!

  • Wauw, staat je mooi!

  • I was just thinking the dress matched your hair colour too! You look so gorgeous with no makeup <3

  • Stunning outfit, love the green with your red hair.
    The shoes are super cute too.

  • Curve less? Girl, whatever! You have a stunning bod. You're probably just not used to wearing tighter dresses (not a bad thing–I tend to stay away from em, too, to keep things appropriate). But this dress definitely looks good on you! The color complements your hair so well. Emerald is definitely your color! :))

  • Oeh, Nikki, wat een sexy jurkje! Ondanks dat het korter is dan de jurkjes die je gewoonlijk draagt vind ik hem je echt super mooi staan! Succes met blokken en nog een fijn nieuwjaar 😉 !

  • Heel leuk jurkje! 😉

  • you're so pretty! love the name of your blog!

  • curiosity abounds!!!! you sure know how to take the wheel of mystery and turn me into a nosy parker kinda person. my interest in this awesome thing you did is at a pique – do tell soon okay?!

    and dag girl, i can see why this dress is Kenneth's favorite – you.are.gorgeous.full.stop. i bet those dishes got the washing of their lives! 😉

    since i'm not sure what the next week will hold i have to wish you cheers and charms now. HAPPY 2013!!!! may it be the best year yet for you Nikki! xo ♥

  • You're so right!! The color of your hair looks amAzing with that dress!! I love your hair color,when I was younger I always wanted to be strawberry blonde, I have a lot of family that is and I think any shade of strawberry/orange/red/auburn/etc. is gorgeous!! Also, I love that you don't wear makeup, I don't wear a lot either (i do like my lipstick though) but I love a fresh faced and natural look
    Tessa Lynn

  • oh my you look gorgeous!
    i bet you were turnin heads for sure 😉

  • nice blogg

  • Haha nice! Da kleedje staat je wel heeel mooi, zeker in combinatie met u hair colour! Dankje voor je sweet comment! ik heb ook nog geen rijbewijs, dus die auto is wel een goede motivatie om het zo snel mogelijk te halen! 😉
    xo Charlotte van aliceroxy

  • I ADORE this shade of green on you…looks beautiful with your porcelain skin and red hair! Plus the dress fits exquisitely and you've got the figure to rock it 🙂

    <3 Cambria

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  • OK – that green dress looks SO gorgeous on you! Love love love it 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  • ooooh look at you, party girl! perfect jewel tone green for this time of year too 🙂 you have such a cute little figure!

    The House of Shoes

  • wow that dress looks amazing on you, love the colour


  • beautiful Nikki! that green is perfect for you!!!!

  • Ouh! Exams! Gives me the shivers! This dress is SO pretty on you – it fits you so incredibly well and is an amazing color

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  • LOVE that colour on you! Beautiful! xo

  • Omg you are so pretty! Love your legs, and hair <3 really great blog, and i follow you:)