Denim and Lace done better

Wearing: American Eagle Outfitters denim shirt, Francesca’s skirt, Vintage clutch, Ring from a boutique in DC.
Life is like traffic. There are moments when everybody seems to be on the road and everyone wants you to get things done. One moment I am nagging that all my friends are busy and I have nothing to do, the next I’m hopping from one city to another, working my student job, prepping for school, blogging, getting ready for Daryl to arrive and answering one hundred text messages per minute of my nimble-fingered girlfriends who want to chat while I’m peeling potatoes. Other than traffic jams, the commute hours of life always come as a suprise and give me the feeling I’m jumping up and down on a beat I can’t control. Those days (or weeks) I would love to be dancing to the rhythm of a slow, romantic song. But there simply is too much that needs to get done. This week has been and still is one of those times when life is going as fast as a High Speed Train. It’s a good thing that the High Speed Train through Belgium ends you in the city of romance: Paris. Seems like I’ll be getting my slow, romantic song after all. My way of saying things will be allright again soon. 
I’ll also tell you what the title of this post is about. On August 8th last year I posted this outfit. I must admit I don’t like what I was wearing there today. It looks so dark (for august? what was I thinking!?) and the extreme editing sure doesn’t do things good. I had a broken 8 megapixel camera back then, and boy… no, just no. 
PS: This post was inspired by a post I read on Still Beeing Molly .
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  1. 7 September 2012 / 07:59

    oh you look lovely =)

  2. 7 September 2012 / 10:39

    Mooie combinatie van zachte tinten en materialen. Love it 🙂

  3. 7 September 2012 / 11:49

    Oh I feel exactly the same at the moment. SO MUCH to do, so many people to hang out with.. when all I wanna do is drink a cup of tea and watch a movie on my couch.
    By the way, you really have improved your photography and blog A LOT (comparing to the last year's post). Anyway, I looove this outfit (what's not to love about lace, cream and perfect clutch?).

  4. 7 September 2012 / 12:17

    I love your outfit, it's so light and fresh, nothing I would have chosen for september, but I really like it! And I'm also wearing lighter colors today 😉
    Well, and yes, there are busy times and times where we don't have to do anything, I guess this is just how life is! I hope everything is going well for you?

    xxx Anita

  5. 7 September 2012 / 14:21

    schattig rokje! zo'n denim blouse staat altijd heel leuk 🙂 ♥

  6. 7 September 2012 / 14:52

    Lovely outfit, your skirt is very cute 🙂

  7. 7 September 2012 / 15:06

    This entire post is brilliant. Not just the outfit but the writing as well. You sound like you are very skilled at navigating through the rush hour of life.


  8. 7 September 2012 / 15:22

    I hope things slow down for you, soon. (: In other news, I crack up when I look back at old outfits because between photos that are poor and outfits that looked better in my head, there is some fodder for comedy there.

  9. 7 September 2012 / 17:17

    that is such a good analogy! indeed – life is a lot like traffic. and i've been on a crazed speeding highway. it's amazing to look back at the other post and see the difference – i can definitely tell you honer your photography skills & got a new camera! i love this look – the light denim with the lace skirt is just lovely – and your clutch is perfect

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  10. 7 September 2012 / 17:32

    Oh wauw, dat is echt een hele leuke outfit: dat blouseje is mooooi!

  11. 7 September 2012 / 23:11

    Very interesting metaphor about life.

    You look cute in these pictures!

  12. 8 September 2012 / 01:19

    Love the outfit! The denim top and lace look amazing together 🙂

  13. 9 September 2012 / 20:09

    what an adorable look

  14. 12 September 2012 / 07:35

    That denim top works so perfectly with the pretty lace skirt! Simple and pretty.

  15. 12 September 2012 / 21:22

    Nice! Dat denim shirtje past echt perfect bij dat rokje 🙂

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