Exploring Australia with Renée

When Nikki asked me if I could share a travel story with her lovely readers I was 1. very exciting to guest post on her lovely blog 2. being consumed by nostalgia, longing for Australia. Not that I’ve ever lived there for a certain period, but I enjoyed three magnificent weeks over there after my graduating from high school.
In less than three weeks I lost my heart to Australia. Not very surprising for a girl who lives in a rainy, industrial and overcrowded country. My mom and I explored the east coast with the help of some lovely locals. The thing that still amazes me the most of Australia are the views: one day you have an infinite view over the ocean, the other day you have a breathtaking view over the jungle. Oh and even in winter it’s 20 to 25 degrees Celsius*, temperatures we can dream of during summer in Belgium. 
So the views, the weather, am I missing something? Of course I am. I am not going to lie that cuddling with kangaroos and koala bears** was by far the best experience I got in Australia. Everywhere I saw a sign “kangaroos”, we had to stop. I was told that most Australians didn’t share that enthusiasm for the animals, because of their destructive nature. They only like them on their plate, something I politely declined.
I can go on for ages and ages rambling about my good time in Australia and how much I want to travel back, but I will shut my mouth and let the photos do the talking. Dear Nikki, thank you for having me here.
* equals to 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.
** not keeping in mind the sharp claws of that cute looking koala bear. 
the Great Barrier Reef – the Daintree Rainforest
beach life


  1. 9 July 2012 / 03:10

    Not eaten kangaroo when the offer was there…! My word, kangaroo is one of the most amazing meats out there. Kinda a mix between chicken and beef. 🙂


  2. 9 July 2012 / 12:44

    Not all Aussies eat Kangaroo and certainly not koala, I assure you!

  3. 9 July 2012 / 15:18

    Interesting post. I didn't know that Australians didn't have great affection for kangaroos.

  4. 9 July 2012 / 16:52

    Wow looks like a lot of fun!

    <3 Cambria

  5. 10 July 2012 / 04:26

    GAH! It looks gorgeous. Now I'm got the travel bug all over again.

  6. 10 July 2012 / 08:08

    This reminds me of when I went to Australia for a month after finishing High School. It was such an amazing experience and I loved the variety of travelling between the cities!

  7. 10 July 2012 / 21:55

    What a great guest post!! And these pictures and beautiful!

    xo everything-pretty.com

  8. 11 July 2012 / 20:21

    girl i'm with you. 3 weeks in oz was all it took. so i'm moving there in jan! cute pics!

  9. 13 July 2012 / 21:50

    ohhh man, australia! my dream vacation. i cannot wait to go!
    awesome pictures!

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