Coral lovin’ had me a blast

Summer just started and what better way to celebrate than with a raspberry-banana smoothie and a new dress from Zara? I was in need of something bright and fun to wear on my upcoming citytrips and so I went by the stores in hopes to find a pretty, colourfull addition for my wardrobe. This pretty coral-pinkish number caught my eye. It has a low cut front AND back and has these open cut sleeves that I really love. Due to the open neckline it slips off the shoulders very easily, but that’s nothing a bit of anti-slip tape can’t fix! I wouldn’t want to end up like Tara Reid or La Lohan! When I got home I immediately tried out a few combo’s and I never thought It would mix into my wardrobe so well. Cobalt, mint, black, yellow, white… everything works!  I also finally gave in and bought two coloured belts to pair with my dresses. I choose yellow and coral as these colours are on trend this season. Oh, and I also found a coral scarf at work for 50% off. Score!

How is life treating you? My days are filled with work and my evenings are spend with K. I didn’t get to see him that much during the exams so we are enjoying some quality time together now. I have quite some catching up to do and will start that tonight. For now I’m going to chase my youngest sister who just sprayed a half bottle perfume on me. I’ll get her! And hopefully my bus to work too…

See ya!
  • very sweet dress. its really beautiful your new dress from zara.

  • You look so pretty in that dress. Love the soft colour on you

  • wow! i just checked out zara and they have some amazing stuff!

  • i hope the perfume at least smelled good! yikes 🙂

    and love the coral dress – it looks fabulous on you 🙂

  • LOL! I bet that perfume smell lingered for hours! 🙂 Love the coral dress. I have been loving that color lately too. I actually just painted my nails a coral color! You look gorgeous as always! Hope you had a great weekend! <3


  • I've been loving coral lately too (I used to hate it). I absolutely love this dress! Hope you have a lovely week, Nikki!

  • I love the colour of this dress…it's like a breath of fresh summer air 🙂 And I love how you've paired it with a more neutral grey cardigan and black shoes to let the colour really shine. Hope you managed to avenge your sister – I'd probably opt for aftershave or something like that for some serious one-upmanship 🙂

  • Loving the coral!! My name is Coral, and as a fellow Ginger, I really feel we should utilize this color more. It's my fav!! Looks beautiful lady! 🙂

  • So cute! Coral is one of my favorites!!


  • That coral dress is beautiful! Great purchase 🙂 It looks really nice paired with the grey 🙂

  • Coral looks awesome on you!

  • LOVE your new Zara dress Nikki – so pretty! And that smoothie sounds pretty good too 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  • Love that color on you. Glad you get to catch up on time with Kenneth a little too 🙂

  • Tof kleedje, de kleur staat je goed!

  • What a simply stunning colour on you. Great choice! It really is the perfect summer dress.
    My life is treating me well. Thanks for asking. 😉 Haha I spend my evenings sewing and sewing and when I'm lucky a break from sewing to do dishes and clean the house. 🙂 But I'm loving my summer so far.

  • I love this coral dress on you. But I might love your reference to Grease even more!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  • That dress is so pretty!! Life has been good, actually waiting for all the new starts that are about to take place after this week!


  • Younger siblings. So irritating. I love how the coral brings out the color of your skin. I like coral and peach shades for the same reason.

  • Gorgeous outfit! I'm crazy about coral lately too – who would've thought, since I'm not a big fan of (too) bright colours. You look beautiful!

  • that coral color is stunning on you

  • Aw this colour really suits you! You look so pretty : )


  • beautiful dress! And something completely different than what I said is: I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!

  • You are just darling in coral! Just stumbled across your cute blog and look forward to keeping up with your adventures 🙂

    xo Shane

  • I love this colour on you! It's super versatile and I think you'll find a lot to pair it with for summer 🙂

  • love your Grease inspired title! One of my fave musicals.
    I am obsessed with coral too! that and mint colored things. the dress is adorable on you.

  • That color looks great on you. (: And I can't wait to see other ways you wear it. As for me, I'm busy every day but I feel like nothing is actually happening or getting done, haha.

  • You look stunning! The perfect simplicity of the dress must also help it slide perfectly into your wardrobe along with the summery colour.


  • I love how modest and ladylike your outfits always are 🙂 You look gorgeous in this colour!!! It's really pretty on you…and the cut of the dress is so stylish.

    <3 Cambria

  • such an adorable dress, that color is one of my faves on you!


  • I'm a huge fan of coral right now!! What a lovely blog you have!!

  • I love this dress! what a beautiful and summery color – you look gorgeous!!

    Life is GOOD! Enjoying the weather and starting to make some Summer plans 🙂


  • Thanks for your lovely comment yellow has been one of my fave colors this summer but this I'm also crushing on this great coral color you're wearing!

    XoXo, Diana

  • The coral dress really suits you! I'm glad you get to spend quality time with your man 🙂 Have a good week!

    -Samantha Mariko

  • Wat een leuk jurkje, staat je mooi! Heb 't denk ik ook zien hangen in de Zara, moet er dringend eens wat gaan kopen in plaats van alleen te kijken, haha!

    Veel plezier, je dagen klinken leuk!

    Xo, Imke

  • Such a lovely colour on you 🙂

  • Beautiful dress, I love the shoulders <3

  • OMG !!
    These photos are so beautiful
    We adore 'em !!

    Come and check our latest post, and leave your impressions 😉

    Afaf & Marwa

  • koraal! (L) leuk!

  • awesome!!

  • Oh amazing pictures, love your look
    I wonder if you would like to follow each other : )
    I am following you now with GFC

  • You are so beautiful. I love that color on you =)

  • Glad you decided to keep it. this color looks amazing on you and YES, it goes with EVERYTHING. Can't wait to see how you style it!

  • Love this pretty dress and the color!
    The cutt offs on the shoulders are so cute(:
    You look great!

  • This color is so lovely on you!

    xo Jennifer

  • Oh, you look so lovely! Coral suits you perfectly! 🙂

  • Smoothies and new dresses are the perfect way to start summer right! 🙂 Love the title to this post.

  • Love the color of this dress. You look great in coral.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  • a new bright dress is definitely a great way to kick off the summer! this one is so cute!

  • awww that's really cute how your dress splits open at the shoulder like that!!! I love the color, too!

    love, polly 😀

  • beautiful dress!! Love the color! 😛

  • Coral really suits you!