3 years of us

"i'll be a poet and you'll be poetry"

Today marks our three year anniversary! Where’s the day I was this seventeen year old girl standing in front of the theathre biting my nails out of nervousness and trying to look my very best? Haha. I still remember the moment we became a couple like it is only a recent memory. We had had our first date one week earlier and we had just been chatting over the internet. My mom and sister had been on a paralympics trip (my sister has autism) to Poland and we had to go and pick them up. I was listening to this awefully suitable song by the backstreetboys (hey don’t judge, you liked them too!) in the car when I got the text message that would change my teenage world forever.

This boy has made me love and laugh, he has made me feel like I was on top of the world, he cheered me up and he showed me the world (literally). He’s my rockstar, and eventhough things aren’t always moonshine and romance, I couldn’t not imagine not wishing that pretty face goodnight every night. I love you K β™₯ Here’s to us!