There is sunshine in these photos… and bare legs!

Zara Dress and Cardigan, Mango Belt, H&M shoes, Vintage clutch
I always admired April for the pretty glow she has in almost all of her photos. When I noticed the low, warm sun this particular late afternoon I knew I had my chance. I don’t have the best lens to capture the light perfectly but I consider this a start. And I’m loving it!
The weather has been delightful the past week and I believe Spring is finally here to stay. In my mind, I am making plans that include yummy foods (BBQ tiiiime!), long walks, small getaways and ofcourse a lot of sunshine. But before the good life can start I have a million deadlines coming up in the next two weeks. Stress is building up here, folks! I can’t wait for my Spring break!
Hope you all have a lovely week! 


  1. 19 March 2012 / 18:33

    Beautiful dress, and the lighting is so pretty in these photos! Love the twirly pic 🙂

  2. 19 March 2012 / 18:36

    oooh super mooie foto's 🙂 ik ben ook zo blij met dees weer! ijsjes eteeeeeuh

  3. 19 March 2012 / 18:43

    You look radiant in these photos. I think you captured the late afternoon light very nicely. It sets off the lovely neutral and spring-like tones in your outfit.

  4. 19 March 2012 / 18:53

    What a beautiful dress and gorgeous photos! Well done! And amen to the BBQ comment! Love me a good spring/summer BBQ!!!

  5. 19 March 2012 / 19:16

    Ahh, thank you! 🙂 haha! I think you got the glow just perfectly, and the dress and cardi are so perfect for each other too – it looks really classical! We've been having really nice weather lately too (apart from the weekend) so I definately understand how you're feeling right now! Now you've mentioned it, I cannot wait for BBQ time haha! 😀

  6. 19 March 2012 / 19:54

    The lighting in these pictures are wonderful, you did a great job! I also love this look on you, very pretty :]

  7. 19 March 2012 / 20:30

    Isn't it exciting?! I got to do my first sunshine shoot in awhile too today and it made me so happy! You look beautiful here, love the belted cardi-dress combo.

    Alexandra xo

  8. 19 March 2012 / 20:35

    This outfit is adorable! I love everything about it. 🙂 And these pictures are so pretty.

  9. 19 March 2012 / 20:38

    Mooooie foto's!

  10. 19 March 2012 / 21:13

    The photos are indeed beautiful! I love the way your hair looks and the dress is lovely! 🙂

    Love, Susann
    Fashion in Pepperland

  11. 19 March 2012 / 21:27

    You look gorgeous! This dress suits you so well. And I love those little heels.

  12. 19 March 2012 / 21:29

    I'm waiting for the bare leg weather to arrive! You look lovely 🙂


  13. 20 March 2012 / 13:35

    You look so pretty in this dress, and very beautiful photos. xo

  14. 20 March 2012 / 13:46

    These pictures are gorgeous, lovely, amazing, etc etc! I could go on! Soooo beautiful!

    I love the colours of your outfit and the background together. Such harmony… Love it all!

  15. 20 March 2012 / 16:44

    you are so cute and beautiful 😀 love the outfit!

  16. 20 March 2012 / 18:36

    Lovely outfit! I like it with the belt!

  17. 20 March 2012 / 20:34

    I love the outfit! And the sunlight adds a perfect amount of cheer 🙂

    Just started following your blog recently and I'm so glad I found it! Your style is inspirational.


  18. 21 March 2012 / 09:55

    Thouse colours really suit you, you look great! I got a giveaway at my blog and would love you to enter! Kisses! <3<3

  19. 21 March 2012 / 15:05

    That outfit is really nice 🙂

  20. 21 March 2012 / 15:25

    I would DIE if I didn't wear tights at least. I'm jealous of your bare legs and the sun and the gorgeous sunlight behind you. You look puuurdy. (:

  21. 21 March 2012 / 17:00

    I've finally gotten to wear bare legs the past couple days because we have a freakishly early summer coming to Minnesota…and it's SO NICE. Love your pretty sunshine photos, and that pink dress look amazing in the warmer light.

    <3 Cambria

  22. 21 March 2012 / 19:01

    What a beautiful pastel combo! Very lovely outfit, indeed!

  23. 21 March 2012 / 20:24

    This is such a romantic, no fuss outfit! Love the pastel color combination 🙂 I've been sporting bare legs too for the past few days. Can't believe I'm doing it in March!! 😀

  24. 21 March 2012 / 21:53

    You look wonderful! And that's a gorgeous dress 🙂 Love the lighting too!

  25. 22 March 2012 / 07:02

    wonderful pictures! I love all the soft colors with the sun 🙂

    Allie Ruth Morris

  26. 22 March 2012 / 07:15

    I just discovered your blog and I think is lovely! Would you like to be friends and follow each other?
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  27. 22 March 2012 / 10:53

    Zo'n mooie foto's!!! Die zon is echt prachtig bij deze look! Echte lente look! Ik hou echt van dat jurkje en die clutch!
    Oei deadline? Dan moet ik eens dringend gaan werken.

  28. 22 March 2012 / 13:38

    The colors in these photos are just beautiful. Loving the sunny, airy feeling to these pictures. The outfit is adorable. I love how you styled the colors together.

    Your blog is great doll!

  29. 22 March 2012 / 14:55

    The "twirling" photo of you is so amazing! It looks like it came right out of a magazine.

  30. 22 March 2012 / 15:17

    Great photo – and love the soft neutral outfit!

    PS I am not going to hide it…I am in love w/ your hair color.

  31. 23 March 2012 / 02:58

    You are so beautiful! I love the second to last picture. That dress is so pretty!

  32. 23 March 2012 / 12:22

    Ah your outfit is so pretty! Love your dress:) Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! (From the other Nikki hehe:D )

  33. 24 March 2012 / 09:59

    I love that dress! Great outfit, looks lovely on you ♥

  34. 24 March 2012 / 23:24

    These pretty light colors in your outfit are beautiful and so is the lighting in these pictures. You look so nice and spring-y!

  35. 25 March 2012 / 14:24

    great photos and outfit. love the one where the light is shining through your beautiful hair!

  36. 25 March 2012 / 15:39

    Thank you so much!

  37. 25 March 2012 / 17:34

    This outfit is too cute!

    Georgi at 7wonders xx

  38. 25 March 2012 / 22:43

    Cute and classy oufit! <3 I really like the color and silhouette of that dress.

  39. 25 March 2012 / 23:24

    Your dress is so pretty, I love the light pink color! Amazing outfit 🙂

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