You do not want to know how hysterical I was when I logged in a few weeks ago and found out that Google had disabled my account. Thank goodness boyfriend came to the rescue and solved the problem in no time. Apparently my blog means a lot to me. And I sometimes even call “her” my baby.  My one year old baby. On January 2nd 2011 I was probably bored and inspired at the same time and The Ginger Diaries was born. In this past year I met so many wonderfull people, read so many amazing stories and saw the most inspirational things. To be honest, I am pretty proud of myself for sticking around this long because all my previous attempts at blogging were never succesful. I wouldn’t have stayed around if it weren’t for you guys. THANK YOU ♥

My favorite Outfits
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You can find all the outfits that passed along my blogway on my facebookpage.

(A few of) The best moments

January: I recieved my first award! #POST
February: The one and only recipe on this blog #POST
March: The very first outfit post #POST
April: I went to Disneyland Paris! #POST
May: How you can be more like me #POST
June: I got new glasses! #POST
July: I went to Barcelona. #POST
August: A hurricane ruined our vacation… #POST
September: … So we went to Paris instead! #POST
October: I met up with Siel #POST
November: My new favorite spot #POST
December: I finally got myself a decent camera #POST

Let us toast the new year!
Much Love,
  • the first outfit its my favourite. the dress is lovely…

  • congrats for your blogbirthday! xo

  • congrats 🙂 en dat er nog veel jaartjes mogen komen!
    Je staat echt beeldig met die roze/nude kleur xx

  • whoooop!congrats!your blog is totally awesome!!!can't wait to see the coming posts!

    happy new year!


  • Hey Meid

    lovely outfits!

    x hajar&Mounia
    Twitter: @Hauntedovoxo

  • Happy Blogaversary and happy new year!
    Glad you got your account back, I'd miss you!

    Chic on the Cheap

  • Love the outfits you chose and have enjoyed getting to "know you". Thank you for your continual support of my blog, and for becoming a great blog-friend of mine 😉 I look forward to your future posts and cute outfits! You are adorable!! Happy New Year!

  • That same thing happened to me with the disabled blog – I totally freaked! I wonder if it wasn't a bug in the system – glad to have you back!


  • Congrats! I love your blog, and I'm so happy you've kept up with it! I always look forward to your updates, as we all do, so keep it up 🙂

  • Oh my goodness! How did it get disabled? I would cry. I love following your blog. Hope your new year is wonderful! =]


  • That happened to my account once and Google was super good about getting it back up. I'm glad it all got fixed up so you could continue blogging–I'm surprised I've gone nine months already, to be honest, and I wonder what the next few months will be like! Happy blog anniversary. (:

  • awwww 2011 was an amazing to you im jealous!

    hope 2012 will be a better year! xxx

  • Wow je bestaat nog maar een jaar! Ik vind dat het lijkt alsof je al veel meer 'ervaring' hebt, je blog ziet er ook professioneel uit! Well done, en op naar je tweede verjaardag 😉

  • A BIG congrats to you! I love seeing another ginger out there!

  • Aw so cool! Happy blogiversary….glad you stuck with it 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  • OH MY GOSH!!! I had that happen with my blog last year… I was so worried, than poof, everything was fine!!!

    Happy Bloggy Birthday, miss!!!

  • Happy New Year! Congrats on all that you have achieved!!!!! So exciting! Here is to an amazing new year this year!

  • Congratulations with your one year blog anniversary! 😀 Keep it up with your great blog 😀 And happy and healthy 2012 to you! 🙂 X

  • congrats on the one year of blogging! it's so exciting to share inspiration with so many!

  • Happy New Year! And happy birthday to your blog 🙂 (And we tweeted about this at the time, but the same thing happened to me with my Google account and I panicked. It was the WORST. I'm glad it all worked out for both of us.) I'm so glad to have met you this year, too and I can't wait to follow your adventures in 2012!

  • your blog and my boyfriend share a birthday! 🙂

    i love, love, love the photos you picked to feature in this post.. so pretty.. the outfits and photos in general.

    i'm glad you got your account back.. i rely on my blog to archive my photos (since i'm really bad at using my external hard drive) so i would be distraught if that happened, too! ick!

  • I have only now just discovered your blog, but I can tell you that your first outfit tickled me pink. You have amazing style! Haha, my boyfriend comes to my rescue just about everyday regarding technological issues 😉 He's computer savvy where I am not!

  • Happy New Year Nikki! Keep posting your gorgeous outfits! xoxo

  • Van Harte Gefeliciteerd dear ;')

    may you and ur blog are going to be the best in the world

    Happy New Year

  • Aw! I was wondering where you went. Glad you're back! 🙂 Great recap, too.

  • I'm always afraid of something like that happening to me. This is why I'm seriously considering a self-hosted blog on WordPress (sometime in the near future). Yes, it's not as user-friendly as Blogger, but for the peace of mind, it's worth it.

    Lovely outfits, by the way. Love the mustard tights!

  • beautiful recap, thanks for sharing! since I have only been following your blog a couple of months it was great to get back to the beginnings of last year 🙂 oh and happy new year!!

  • S.

    wauw veel volgers verzamelt op een jaar! maar wel met een hele leuke blog ^^

  • Sounds like a fabulous year! Cheers.

  • So great seeing some of your fave outfits here and hearing everything you've done! Trust me, if my blog was disabled I would lose it. I can fully understand why you'd be anxious about losing this wonderful blog of yours 🙂

    Alexandra xo

  • really love the atmosphere of your blog!