A quick note…

I’m not a big fan of Youtube. Since I think the annoying orange is seriously annoying and I can’t keep up with iJustines rattle I tend to avoid the videosite. The only exeptance beeing Nicepeters Epic Rap Battles and this awesome video.

When I logged in this morning I saw I had reached 400 followers! I think I almost fainted. I am so thankful for all of you guys and the sweet comments and supporting messages you leave for me here every day.

 Since this is the last and real hectic week of school before my Christmasbreak I only have little time to blog. I can promise you I’ll be a better blogger after the next weekend.

I hope you guys all have a great week!

Much Love,


  1. 19 December 2011 / 17:04

    Too bad you've seen the annoying stuff. I'd recommend

    thefinebros (Their kids react videos are gold)
    Lisa eldrige

    Let me know if you like any of them 🙂 (Watch at least 3 videos of each)

  2. 19 December 2011 / 17:22

    Aw, they are cute! Thanks for sharing these 🙂

  3. 19 December 2011 / 19:12

    Take all the time you need! Happy holidays! I completely agree about the annoying orange and all of them, I'm surprised you would even link to them haha.

  4. 20 December 2011 / 09:54

    congratulations!!! now go to 500!!!


  5. 20 December 2011 / 10:05

    Oh, I'd never be able to do this with my kids! Though the last brothers were actually really cute, staying all calm and grown -up. 🙂

    Congrats on the 400 followers, you really deserve it Nikki! 🙂 Have a great x-mas time! 🙂

  6. 20 December 2011 / 11:26

    That's cool!! and congrats for your followers, you have a very nice blog so more will come!

  7. 20 December 2011 / 16:10

    Now you have another extra follower =D


  8. 20 December 2011 / 20:34

    Have fun, but there is no good reason to terrorize your kids.

  9. 22 December 2011 / 12:09

    yeah love that video too, so funny! xo

  10. 22 December 2011 / 16:40

    Yes. I like the last one and the middle one going: 'whut'? 😀

    Haha, hilarious.

    And congrats on the 400! (:

  11. 22 December 2011 / 18:31

    I love the boys at the end.. And your blog is amazing!!


  12. 22 December 2011 / 18:59

    Don't you just LOVE those last two kids?! They're sooo cute! "Two plus two equals…FIVE!" "No four, but you were SOOO close!" Makes me laugh every time! Congrats on 400+ followers 🙂

  13. 23 December 2011 / 13:34

    Congratulations on your amazing following! Hope your last week goes smashingly! And have a Merry Christmas! =)
    Kristina J.

  14. 24 December 2011 / 01:31

    Totally one of the best youtube videos out there. also, you're blog is delightful.


  15. 27 December 2011 / 07:06

    I saw this video and about died laughing. Those two kids at the end are so cute!

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