Weekendpost: AS Adventure

wearing: Zara dress, Mango cardigan, Footwear boots

I sometimes work a studentjob in a store called AS Adventure. And it sure makes me feel adventurous. I’ve chatted with a woman who’s son is in Norway on an expedition. With dogs and a not so fancy tent. She needed warm fleeces and lots of thermo-underwear to send to him. And this man, who came to me and said he was going to climb the Grand Canyon and needed a new backpack. Or the French man with his three young kids who was going to drive all the way up to Finland to visit his family. You hear the most wonderful travel stories here, and they always tickle my fantasy. Currently I am fantasizing about taking a trip to America, on my own. And afterwards I can join my boyfriend who’ll be taking a summer class in DC. What if…

Have a great weekend you guys! 

Much Love,