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H&M Blazer // Gap Jeans // Zara cardigan // Jonak boots // C&A scarf // Vero Moda blouse
TGIF! Well, maybe not that much. Only one more day until my next drivers lesson. I get so, so much stress for those! Did you ever take these lessons?
Remember my fall wishlist? Well, this is pretty much what it looks like in one outfit. the Gap 1969 beige skinny, the plaid blazer, new booties and a pumpkin scarve. I love the slightly manly look of this outfit. A fun outfit to post after my post on menswear right?  
I’m off to cuddle up on the sofa and watch some scream queen movies
Have a great Halloween weekend Y’all!


  1. 28 October 2011 / 14:16

    these photos look so cozy and warm!beautiful<3


  2. 28 October 2011 / 14:21

    Great blazer, Nikki!

  3. 28 October 2011 / 14:38

    Eee! I love this blazer/pants combo. I am such a sucker for the kind of 70's Annie Hall, masculine/feminine look. Fabulous!

  4. 28 October 2011 / 14:49

    So cute, the blazer is adorable on you, and the scarf!

  5. 28 October 2011 / 18:54

    What a great fall staple outfit! I love the plaid blazer! And yes, I took driving lessons…they can be so nerve-wracking! Good luck 🙂

  6. 28 October 2011 / 21:08

    Beautiful fall inspired outfit Nikki, all of the hues are so amazingly gorgeous. LOVE!! I'm especially smitten with your blazer. And, yay couch time, ah sounds like heaven. xo veronika

  7. 28 October 2011 / 22:33

    This is adorable! Love the menswear look on you 🙂

  8. 29 October 2011 / 05:39

    Oooo, so pretty!!! Also, I've never taken a drivers test – yep – I don't have a license. 🙁 Mainly because I DO worry and get stressed out, but I KNOW you'll do perfectly! Good luck!

  9. 29 October 2011 / 08:40

    a beautiful day of autumn. love your english style….

  10. 29 October 2011 / 18:58

    beautiful outfit nikki! the scenery is also so so pretty!
    i hope you have lots fun this halloween!
    much love xx

  11. 29 October 2011 / 19:10

    good luck with your drivers lesson! those were never fun. i love the look! I tried on my favourite blazer today but couldn't decide how to style it. thanks for the tips!

  12. 30 October 2011 / 01:50

    Oh that orange circle scarf just has me absolutely swooning! It truly is the perfect color.

    And best of luck with your driving lessons! I know I absolutely hated mine and couldn't wait until I got them over with , haha. xx

  13. 30 October 2011 / 09:51

    Bedankt voor je lieve reacties (:
    Ik zal er wel bovenop komen ja. Zal even duren, maar het komt wel goed! Ik ben look-a-likes van die laarsjes aan het zoeken, want schoenen van internet kopen is bij mij altijd een beetje moeilijk

  14. 30 October 2011 / 09:54

    Leuke herfstoutfit 🙂 het licht is ook mooi, geeft het een warme gloed 🙂

  15. 30 October 2011 / 10:14

    i hope too! 🙂
    i love your blazer, really nice outfit! 🙂

  16. 30 October 2011 / 10:55

    match with your hair. thanks for your sweet comment, I'm following you now 🙂

  17. 30 October 2011 / 14:22

    Great colours, so pretty… And I love the blazer!

    It took me soooo long to learn how to drive and I'm still scared when I get into a car. Even though I passed I fail…
    I hope you'll have better luck with it than me!

  18. 30 October 2011 / 14:37

    I have a soft spot for menswear-inspired looks and you wear this one so well. I really like your blazer. Does it have elbow patches?

  19. 30 October 2011 / 15:23

    Hi Nikki,

    I love the color of your hair, it's beautiful! 🙂 I love the outfit as well.

    Happy Halloween!

  20. 30 October 2011 / 15:24

    Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit. The fall look just makes me want to dress up in an oversized sweater and be warm and cozy. That scarf is beautiful, and I love those pants!

  21. 30 October 2011 / 16:17

    Perfect fall ensemble! And yea, I took driving lessons, it was just so gruesome and boring.

  22. 30 October 2011 / 18:36

    great scarf! wouldn't have thought of wearing an orange one, I'm redhead too:))

  23. 30 October 2011 / 20:06

    I love your outfit! Great boots! Also can I just say I love your red hair?! I have wanted to be a red head the majority of my life!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    – Elle @ Barefoot and Beautiful

  24. 30 October 2011 / 22:20

    I love this! How many people can pull off beige skinnies? <3 the boots by the way!! Menswear is the THING. I wanted to watch a movie this weekend but its definitely not happening lol. Till next. 🙂

  25. 31 October 2011 / 08:28

    The place where you made these photos is simply fantastic!! You're so pretty and your scarf too ahah 🙂

    If you follow me, I'd glad and I'd do the same 😉

  26. 31 October 2011 / 14:38

    SO cute, girl.
    That scarf is gorgeous.


  27. 31 October 2011 / 15:26

    This is the perfect fall outfit!! I was eye-ing that blazer at H&M for such a long time and they never had my size. You styled it so so well.


  28. 31 October 2011 / 16:07

    I'm always collecting blazers – yours is just lovely, great colours and pattern. Very nice outfit

  29. 1 November 2011 / 01:59

    That jacket is awesome! You look so cute!

  30. 1 November 2011 / 10:54

    Great blazer, Nikki! awesome outfit

  31. 1 November 2011 / 12:40

    I love this look! great fall outfit!

  32. 1 November 2011 / 18:04

    I love the trees! Where is this?

  33. 1 November 2011 / 22:39

    Lovely post, your outfit is perfect for Aurumn!
    You have a great blog!

    Abigail x

  34. 2 November 2011 / 04:13

    I love your orange scarf! so pretty.

    and yeah, learning how to drive is really stressful. especially when people honk at you. that's the worst.

    Chic on the Cheap

  35. 4 November 2011 / 20:54

    You wear it well! And what a fabulous photo locale, beautiful!

  36. 6 November 2011 / 17:04

    Wow, i love these photos so much! your hair looks incREDible! (see what I did there?!) and you suit this blazer perfectly!

    Annah xx

  37. 18 November 2011 / 23:49

    Great outfit !


  38. 21 November 2011 / 03:11

    Love the color contrast!


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