10 things that make Tanya happy!

You guys remember Tanya right? When she saw my 10 things list last week se spontaniously sent me hers! 

1. Surprise cuddle sessions in the middle of the night from the hubby

2. Finding long lost money in your pocket
3. The smell of crisp air, right before snow fall
4. Waking up to texts in the morning that say, “I miss you”. Because I miss you too!
5. Lunch dates with friends
6. Hearing an old favorite song you haven’t heard in a while
7. Eating a meal SO good you get the same thing next time
8. Cheap date nights including a McDonalds dinner, $1 movie theatre, and ice cream cones to go
9. Cozying up on the couch with a blanket, pillow and some hot chocolate, yummmmm
10. Stumbling across good blogs such as these that make going on the Internet that much better