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Hi folks! How was everyones weekend? Mine was great! Spend saturday studying and I uploaded a new layout. How do you like it? Since I’m a “little” perfectionist when it comes to my blog design I am still freakin’ out over my sidebar positions. Hope I can get them just the way I want them soon.

I would also love to thank you all for the warm welcomes on Twitter ^^ I am starting to find my way around there. Found my mentions yesterday so now I can actually interact with people, haha. Now I just need to get a grip on all those tags! I actually had to Google every one of them haha ^^ I’m preparing a little list for #FF. I’ll make sure to turn it into a blogpost as well 🙂

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!


(always wanted to use that abbreviation)



  1. 19 June 2011 / 09:24

    i LOVE the layout! brilliant colours. and those dresses are gorge- i never really look in oasis so perhaps i'll visit it next time!

    and thank you so much, of course you can use the photos! i'm very flattered (:

    Annah xx


  2. 19 June 2011 / 09:50

    Your blog layout is gorgeous don't worry! :D. All of these dresses are perfect for summer, especially the first one! Love them!

  3. 19 June 2011 / 10:33

    I love them all! Mostly the floral ones, not too hot on the stripped one.

    Your layout looks great 🙂 I spent forever changing mine when I change my whole site to something new. xo

  4. 19 June 2011 / 11:28

    layout is sooo lovely, well done hon!!
    the butterfly dress is just darling, need it in my life!! xxxx

  5. 19 June 2011 / 11:53

    Nice layout! And the vintage dresses are just lovely!

  6. 19 June 2011 / 12:54

    lovely dresses 😀

    I´m following you now dear <3

  7. 19 June 2011 / 12:58

    I love the new layout! Minimal but very cute, nicely done! Loving those dresses as well, makes me wish I could go do some shopping!

    Good luck on the last of your exams xoxo

  8. 19 June 2011 / 14:03

    Your blog layout is so pretty! I can never get my blog layout the way I want it. I love the strapless floral dress! It's so pretty! 😀

  9. 19 June 2011 / 14:16

    Ooh, pretty new layout! I love it! Hehe, I am excited to find you on Twitter. I had to look up what all those things mean too! Like the little "#" thing, hehe. But you will catch on fast! 🙂

  10. 19 June 2011 / 14:51

    Prachtige lay-out Nikki! En Zo'n mooie kleedjes

  11. 19 June 2011 / 14:59

    Oh, i think your blog is absolutely beautiful! i wish i was cleverer with things like that:)


  12. 19 June 2011 / 16:50

    Lovely dresses! I will have to take a look in Oasis xx

  13. 19 June 2011 / 17:06

    i love the prints! and hey, the dresses match the colourscheme! xx

  14. 19 June 2011 / 18:03

    wow, really pretty layout! I love the colors. thank you for your sweet comment girl!

  15. 19 June 2011 / 18:19

    Wat een leeeeuke jurkjes! Leuke blog!

  16. 19 June 2011 / 18:48

    I love all of them!
    I'm a new visitor and I think your blog design is just so adorable – I mean look at the neat and classy look, you've done great.
    I'm following if you don't mind – I love your blog <3

  17. 19 June 2011 / 22:49

    Wow I love the bottom right dress! Your blog is so lovely 🙂 xxx


  18. 19 June 2011 / 23:06

    How adorable is that striped dress? I am way to addicted to stripes, haha.

    Loving the new blog look – i know how frustrating it can be when you can't get the code to do what you want!

    Chic on the Cheap

  19. 19 June 2011 / 23:58

    Your blog is so adorable! I love all those Oasis dresses. I'll definitely have to check them out. Hope you had a great weekend 🙂

  20. 20 June 2011 / 03:06

    I ignored the Twitter bug for a long while! Now I'm Twitter obsessed. It's such a fun, easy way to connect and chat with friends. ^_^!!!

    The first and second dresses (on the first row) are really my favorites. The first would be delightful in Autumn with a cream bolero jacket and the second is so lovely with the butterflies!!!

  21. 20 June 2011 / 04:12

    These dresses are so pretty!
    Great picks…

  22. 20 June 2011 / 05:26

    these are such cute little floral dresses! so perfect for summer 🙂

  23. 20 June 2011 / 19:26

    Love these dresses! And your blog looks great but then again it's my first time so I was very impressed! xo

  24. 20 June 2011 / 19:31

    first time here, lovely blog!

  25. 21 June 2011 / 01:31

    your layout is one of my faves! bookmarking for future reference 🙂 annnd… can't believe i'm not following yet. will do. right now. ps- these dresses… i would wear every one of them daily i think. somehow. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  26. 21 June 2011 / 19:28

    I am loving that first dress! Oh so pretty!

  27. 21 June 2011 / 21:59

    beautiful dresses!! i adore the one with butterflies <3

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