Sunny Days

 I had to laugh when I saw this picture of myself. I was still talking when this was taken {obviously} and I look like I’m chatting over an invisible cellphone!

Jeans: Levi’s |Top: Zara | Shoes : H&M | Ring: Forever 21

The sun has been shining bright the last couple of days, and according to the weatherman, it will stay that way for a while. Hmmm… I have to study, so this is not.not.NOT.Okay.! {selfish little me} I’m sure the farmers who are complaining about their dry fields and withered crops are with me, so… 
Whoes living in a rainy plcae? Wanna trade? 

  • Great, simple outfit! I would definitely wear this in a heartbeat. 😀

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  • Lea

    I LIVE IN A RAINY PLACE. It is very very wet today 🙁
    And makes me very very sad when I am trying to get dressed.

    I love your outfit though 😀 That burnt orange is such a pretty color. And I giggled a lot. It totally looks like you're talking on your phone.

  • Cute pics Nikki!! Hope finals are going well! I love that you have a count down going! AND the clock with Belgian time!! How did I not notice that before? So fun! OXO Nat

  • Ahh I'll trade weather with you haha! It rained the other day and it's just started raining now! I hate rain haha! Though apparently we're in the middle of a drought :/

  • It's good to see that skinnies still look great (especially on you)!

  • I love your top, such a great color. I'm loving the heels as well. A great look.

  • these are such cute pictures!

  • Those shoes are TOOO wonderful! I think I neeeeed them. Like today.

  • I can't offer much help when it comes to a rainy place…I've been living in Mexico since September, and there hasn't been a drop of rain in over eight months! Study in the sunshine, maybe?

    Those jeans fit you so well, and I really like those shoes!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Nikki!

  • simple but very chic love it!

  • your jeans fit perfectly! and it's rainy here – i'd definitely swap!

  • cute! lovely colors

  • Lovely outfit :D!

  • Cute outfit! Beautiful pictures 🙂

  • Die derde foto is zo leuk, zo heb ik er ook al veel gehad 😀
    Mooie blouse trouwens!

  • great pictures, its 90 degrees where I live!
    Forever Chic,

  • oh my god, your legs! lucky you! 😀

  • You look adorable. 🙂

  • Love your blouse, and i'd be happy to take your sun any day!

    Chic on the Cheap

  • It has been raining for the past 2 wks here in my home state, today was 70 and sunny… talk about heaven on earth!

  • Jo

    Your shoes are adorable! <3 I love the tiny heels!


  • E

    What a pretty top! And I love how you paired it with the simple skinny jeans and pumps!

  • loving this outfit! the shoes are gorgeous 🙂

  • simple but nice outfit, you look great in it 🙂

    please stop by mine some time, if you like it, maybe we can follow each other?

    greetings from sweden

  • Leuke outfit! De foto's zijn trouwens ongelofelijk leuk, en je hebt prachtig haar 🙂


  • Hi Nikki, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment. So glad you did so I discovered your adorable blog.
    I have a crush on your gorgeous hair – wow! – and this top is perfect for you!

  • What a cute outfit! I love your shirt! And it looks great with those skinny jeans! <3