Dress numba 28

The number of dresses in my closet is rapidly increasing again! It’s already up to 28… 28!? That’s one for every day in February! Sounds like a challenge… . So here’s the dress I picked from my last post. They didn’t have all six of them, so there was no ‘Wich one shall I take’ situation {anyone thinking about Rebecca Black too when reading this line?}. There was the ‘actually this money is to buy my camera so I’d better not spend it’-situation but… the soft, baby blue flower pattern and the vintage inspired belt eased the pain of spending some of my camera-savings money. Next month I will again get pocketmoney and my mom will be able to gift me my birthday extra and my camera fund will finally reach it’s goal. {Did I actually ever mention before that I was saving up for a camera? I think I forgot…}

You see that little piece of hair in front of my eyes?
I am seriously thinking about cutting it off.
It won’t stay in place!

Oh, It’s not that I get so much pocketmoney that I can instantly buy myself a camera :p I get about €40 each month and a paycard for my cell ^^ I’ve been saving since last Christmas and saved pretty much all my money  for a Nikon D3000 πŸ™‚ Or maybe that’ll be a Nikon D3100… Since I went camera reviewing in stores last week I am seriously doubting again! Share your opinions please! ^^

 {Rings and Dress Pull and Bear}
Fieuw… Longest photo overloaded post in GoHomeMyDear History! 
  • oh that's so cheeky, it's your photo at the top! i was going to chose this one but then thought you had something too similar! haha

    looks gorgeous though (:

    ANnah xx


  • Ik vind dat het jurkje iets te flets is voor je huidtint, Nikki.
    Combineren met felle accessoires! Maar mooi is het wel πŸ˜‰

  • Lovely dress and thanks for the comment on my blog! PS. Your hair looks amazing x Catherine

  • You look very pretty :). I follow you. If you like my blog, you follow me too πŸ™‚
    Alla moda e con stile

  • Oh damn. I suck at not buying dresses. I have way too many. I need more denim. But yeah the belt is really really cute.

  • Love the jewellery. Quirky is always cool in my book. πŸ™‚

  • Lovely dress!! I definitely would've spent some of my savings on it. The pattern is so delicate and pretty.

    I have the D3000 and I love it!! I couldn't afford it on my own either, so I asked for it for Christmas from my parents. They got a refurbished one from B&H camera store. It's pretty fantastic:) I would encourage you to look for refurbished, if possible. They seem to work better in my opinion since someone handles and fixes it with their own hands and eyes. Instead of a machine.

  • Oh, I'm sure it would have been difficult to say no to the dress, since it goes beautifully with your hair colour. I love my Nikon! Best investment ever… Really hope you get the money together.

  • Hello Nikki, loving the site changes!! You have such an eye for graphic design. LOVE it! And how fab that you are saving up for a camera. I'm a Canon girl, love my DSLR and I have SO much fun taking pictures. AND how adorable is that dress? Just love that sweet pattern. Happy Monday. xx veronika

  • you look amazing!

  • Lea

    No wonder you dipped into your camera saving money. That dress is amazing. From the pattern to the cut to everything. You've styled it so simply and nicely too.

    I have the Nikon D3100, which I really love. I took a bunch of photography classes back in high school, so I love that it has full manual modes. But it also has good auto modes, which is helpful for when I have my friends take photos of me. Plus, it's really small, so perfect for carrying around. It's not a professional camera, obviously, but it serves me well for what I need it for (plus, my boyfriend has a D90, so if I want a nicer camera, viola). Ha. But I really really love that it's nice and small.

  • So nice <3 lovely dress



  • You look like a doll, so pretty πŸ™‚ only just found your blog but I am definitely following <3 xox

  • such a lovable look – the little details are brilliant!


  • Lovely dress πŸ˜€

  • wauw, wat heb jij een mooi porseleinen huidje!

  • this dress i so cute! but i especially like the belt! its so so niiiice! πŸ™‚
    xoxo, Saskia

  • ..gorgeous dress , I love the print , it's so vintage looking ..very lovely summery outfit ..
    oooh yes , I had problems with blogger as well but fortunately I had no posts deleted , but few comments , that is weird why that happened !!!

    p.s thanks for translating :))

  • http://www.delightfully-tacky.com/ , moet je zeker eens bekijken!
    Het is een blog van een nep-redhead. Maar ze kleedt zich superleuk! Heb deze blog ook doorgestuurd naar de zus van mijn lief, die ook roodharig is (maar zij heeft ook wel zo'n bos krullen).

  • Oeps, ik heb al lang de 28 overschreden denk ik πŸ™‚
    Heel erg leuke ringen!

  • Wauw! Mooie jurk en leuke foto's πŸ™‚

  • that is such a great dress and it looks so so good on you!!

  • Dresses are so addictive. I love your ring.

  • A redhead! You are beautiful and this looks fantastic on you! xo

    strawberry freckleface

  • that dress is adorable! it goes perfectly with your shade of hair. love the gold owl ring too! =)


  • beautiful outfit and photos <3 i love your dress and cute rings!!

  • gray on gray you hair look awesome.:)

  • Oh my gosh I would be a happy wee thing if I owned 28 dresses! I did just give a few away and then there are always those ones that sit in your wardrobe but you never really wear them so I would say all up i probably own around 10!

  • Stunning! Well worth the money spent.



  • love your rings you have on. the photos are adorable πŸ™‚

  • Oh that is a seriously pretty dress that you got! Good spending!
    I can't wait to see the pictures you take with your new camera!
    That is SO exciting! And such a big investment!
    But well worth it of course!

  • I love your hair! It's the perfect color. I know what you mean about pieces that won't stay in place though…I'm so glad my fringe FINALLY grew out (although I miss it most of the time, haha).

    That's such a sweet little dress, too!

    I have a Canon Digital Rebel T2i and I love it. I've always been a Canon though, so perhaps I'm biased!

    Thank you so much for your comment, love! <3

  • Michael Kors said something very interesting about redheads, that whatever they wear, their hair is their greatest accessory. I love yours and how feminine your sartorial choices are.

  • I just discovered your blog, and it's so adorable! You have great hair and a great style.

    As for the camera, I recently bought a (used) D3000. It's pretty nice, but the D3100 is a newer model and I guess that means there's a bunch of new features… I might be wrong, but I remember hearing it has video? Ah. Sorry this isn't helpful haha.


  • cute belt. <3

  • heel mooi kleedje meisje, ik wil ook zooo graag een nieuwe camera. Binnenkort eens lief kijken naar de papa wanneer ik jarig ben hahahaha πŸ˜€

  • The colour of the dress really suits you! x hivenn

  • Lovely dress! I really need to go visit pull and bear sometime soon! So jealous haha! Ooh I know nothing about cameras so sorry I'm no help but let me know which one you get as I'm dying for a new one too!

  • So glad you stopped by! Loving your blog!

  • I love this dress, and my closet is ever expanding with more and more. I don't think a girl can have enough dresses :), I love the print on this one!


    Meanz (Koi Story)

  • you look so sweet &beautiful πŸ™‚

  • Aww, sweet dress! It looks so good with the belt and your hair!

  • Super cute outfit and I love the belt, I wish I had your color hair!



  • your so lovely my dear. Love the belted dress.

  • Beautiful pattern on the dress! And damned dresses always get in the way of big savings!

    I have a Pentax K5 which is pretty much incredible. Just sayin… ; )

  • OH WOW! You AND your hair AND your dress are all so beautiful! I love your blog!!!

  • i really love the colour of your hair. red heads are so beautiful. there is something so unique and interesting about u redheads. sometimes i wish i could die my hair read too but i know it wouldnt look to good on me.
    stunning dress btw. love the way u accesoriez it with the belt.

  • That dress definiteky worth setaling from your camera saving
    The pattern and The colorful is just lovely

    i'm a nikoners too!
    Mine is d5000
    it has pretty solid features
    i'm not sure about d3000 or d3100
    but then again its all uP to you!


  • Cute dress! The rings are beautiful too!
    I'm looking into buying a camera myself and was considering Nikon. Let me know how you get on, there's so much choice and I'm not gifted technically!

    Awesome that you saved all your money, It will be totally worth it!

    Girl about Town XxX

  • i love this!!! amazing background!

  • Oh, lovely outfit!
    liefs, Julie xx


  • aaaaaaaaaaah die riem is zo mooi! Ik ga die stele van u >:B
    Seg ik zat te denken om is een blogmeeting te houden met alle belgische bloggers te antwerpen.
    Wat denk je?

  • cute dress πŸ™‚ i love your hair!

  • Love it !

  • Liz

    Cute blog, sweet outfit. I love that belt!

  • Totally loving that darling dress, and your amazing, amazing hair.

  • Cute dress! It looks so lovely with your beautiful hair.

    Cait x