There was a little shock when I looked in the mirror this morning. The sun had been shining non-stop for more than a week (untill yesterday, there was rain and clouds and even hail) and hups, there they are again. Those little bastards. People say the freckles in my face are cute, but sometimes I have bad ones. This year is no exception, I have some freckles that could be melanoma and so they need to be removed. I hate it when the doctor has to remove my bad freckles.

My friend Susan said that these pictures reminded her of Alice in Wonderland.
Now, I don’t think they have parking signs in Wonderland, now do they? ^^

Freckles and Ginger go hand in hand, and they have a third friend, called White Skin.
I don’t like mister White Skin all that much…

{H&M dress (old) | WE cardy | supermarket flats}
These pictures were taken at the windmill near my boyfriends house.
The apple tree was blossoming and the sun was shining. What a perfect day.
Except, most of the pictures failed, since we cycled up there and my hair was a mess!
  • cute

  • Oh, thank you so much! (:
    Your dress is so beautiful!

  • Very magic photos (apart from the parking sign, which I agree would not be in wonderland) I love all the yellow you are wearing atm xoxo

  • Thanks for your comment.
    Lovely photos.

  • I think your white skin is beautiful! My skin has fair skin and freckles and I was always jealous of her growing up.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, I look forward to exploring yours some more. : )



  • love the pop of yellow from your cardigan! πŸ™‚
    Love Lois xxx

  • These pictures are very cute though !

  • Cute dress πŸ™‚

    My blog
    xoxo Michaela

  • Aw such lovely photos, your dress is so cute x

  • Freckles are cute… but I can appreciate that the reality isn't always. The pictures however, are gorgeous (with or without the parking sign). ; )

  • the pictures are beautiful. the windmill looks so picturesque. wish I had one like this near my house.


  • Really beautiful pics !

  • LOVe your dress. and you're a lovely red head fyi. so bright and happy!

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  • beautiful pictures, Nikki πŸ™‚

    I am so in love with that windmill!

    And I must say, you do look like a lovely porcelain doll in these pics with your white skin! πŸ˜‰


  • your hair is so beautiful. and I think you don't have to bother about your freckles and white skin. It suits you so well. I've got a white skin myself too, and sometimes people laughing about that. I used to hate that, but we are who we are and now I don't give a thing about it haha. A white skin is very healthy and all models have it too. x

  • Superfoto's ! Hopelijk heb je geen last van het weghalen van de moedervlekken. Fijne Paasdagen !

  • dankjee!

  • I love the way your yellow cardigan looks under your lovely red hair! And your dress is very cute, too:)

  • great photos love the background but really love your dress with the yellow cardigan!

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  • what a cute dress and a fun spot for outfit photos!

    Chic on the Cheap

  • Lovely photos!!

  • I'm afraid your friend is all right, it seems like Alice in wonderland! And I really like it! I love freckles, but I guess it's very worrying to remove them.
    Sure that people has said it a hundreds times before, but I really love your hair!

  • I love your hair πŸ™‚

  • Such lovely pictures, love them and their colors πŸ™‚

  • Je ziet er prachtig uit meis! Echt heel mooi, geweldige haarkleur.

  • That windmill is just adorable. So quaint!