Birthday Dresses

To followers of this blog it has probably has already become clear, and to be honest I know I have been going over the top with the posting of beautiful items from Anthropologie, Modcloth and Ruche.

 But then again, can you blame me?

Way to expensive for me really, I am a student without work so I have to stick to a tight budget.
Still that doesn’t hold me back from drooling over the online pages from Anthro.
Within my pricerange, but still I never bought anything here.
I don’t like ordering online because of the shippingfees…
Totally my thing. Their romantic dresses are always amazing.
This shop is probably my all time favorite!
Wich of these three stores is your favorite? 
  • i love modcloth 🙂

  • Modcloth has the best affordable dresses ever, I adore them. (At least they "had" until I saw the ones from Ruche.) Lovely!

    (About the computer addiction, killer I know. One ruines your back, the other ruins your pocket. There must be a fund for shoppers so we can be happy and everything would be alright. Loving the blog! xxx)

  • adorable style <3

  • I love the first one in nude and the green from modlock!

  • feH

    These dresses are all so lovely! **

  • DS.

    I love the 3rd store!
    Glad I came upon your blog!
    Im a new follower.
    Would love it if you could check my blog out:)
    Follow if you like.

  • Love all of the dresses, i love Ruche. So romantic and fantasy like – reminds me of a tea party xoxo

  • I love modcloth, but i live in France, and it's sooo expensive to buy the clothes online !
    It's the first time I go on your blog and i Just love your word, the colors are romantic and fresh I love it ! ( Sorry my english sucks !)

  • love them. the last Ruche one is so stunning and the 3th Modhloth's x

  • Lovely dresses!

  • These are so cute! All these dresses look so fresh!

  • So pretty! I love the 3rd store. 🙂


  • These are all SO cute. Any one of them will be adorable! For me, ordering from Modcloth is always a 50/50 thing. Sometimes I LOVEEEE it and other times I absolutely hate it.

  • I love it when you post things from these stores. Everything you post is always so cute and classy. I especially like the 3rd store, so I thank you for introducing me to another store to browse through on my free time! =P


  • Seeeee now this is the problem I have with Modcloth…every dress I love is inevitably sold out. Apparently I need to have more original taste? I don't blame you for such posts, it's good stuff!

  • They are all really cute dresses!
    You should try looking at local boutiques. You'd be surprise with all the nice things they have!

  • anthropologie dresses are the cutest!

  • great post!!lovee them!xx

  • Hmm, probably Anthropologie because of the quality, but I tried a few things on in there recently and they all made me look like a farmer, which is not worth spending $100+ on!

    That polka-dot dress from Modcloth is really cute too!

  • these modcloth dresses are beautiful!

    xx viviane

  • That last gray Ruche dress is really stunning! Love the dropped hem! Hands down my favorite of the bunch!

  • The first anthropologie dress (favorite), followed by the last modcloth dress (green), followed by the 2nd ruche dress (ruffle collar.) Those are my picks, and I stand behind them.

  • I love all of these dresses! It's so hard to keep oneself from just ordering them all online! Also, I love the name of your blog 🙂

  • Beautiful choices, all of them! I, too, love Anthro, but I can never afford anything there unless it's on sale. : )