My First Yellow

Yellow is a nice colour for spring. Though, for years I’ve had a negative relation with this colour. I was a ginger, ‘my hair was already colourful enough’ was my motto. Last year, I solved my issue with red. Now I tackled my problems with yellow. I always thought yellow looked awfull on me, and it’s true that most tones of yellow do. I first tried on a pale yellow cardigan at Zara, but it kinda maked my hair look lifeless and my skin more pale. Then I spotted this vest at WE and I was sold. The colour was beautiful and vibrant. I had to have this! 

{ Zara blazer | Levis Jeans | H&M top | WE cardigan | Veritas Necklace | Carpisa bag }
I study in a small city called Geel wich would direcltly translate into Yellow. 
Speaking of studying, my spring break is actually a period reserved for studying.
Hence those Psychology books!