Just Poppin In Again To Say: Thank You


Two posts in one day would be a big nono, but I forgot {sorry! sorry! sorry!} to say something very important in my previous post. When I logged in today I noticed that my blog, or maybe it is fair to say that I had reached 50 followers. When I stepped into this new blogosphere two months ago I had never imagined that I could reach out to and intrest other people out there. So thank you for following me and reading my daily {fashionable} musings and leaving the sweetest comments. They are my oxigen in this blogosphere, they keep me going. I am green to blogging and still growing and learning everyday. Someday I hope to be a source of inspiration and most of all a source of laughter.

I’m off to bed now, have to get up on 5:30 to catch the earliest bus to college.
 Nighty night