Stylish Blogger Award #2

Gioia from the lovely blog C without Shoes, has given me my second SBA! 
Thank you very much dear! ^^
 One bad part of this award is that I have to come up with 7 new facts about myself. After some hard brainwork here they are:
1. Since I am using my sisters old phone, I call much more than I used to. I hate typing on that touchscreen-thing. After two lines I always get the intention of throwing the phone out of the window.
2. To explain my violent outbursts: my favorite TV shows are Midsomer Murders, Bones and CSI. 
3. Spoken about CSI, When I ever get to Miami, I want to hire a Hummer, wear a blazer, have a Blackberry and wear my shades. I figured since I already have the ginger hair…

4. I have the worst case of dead hair there is. I am afraid that in a few more years my hair will look like Bon Jovi’s in the 80ies. 
5. Bon Jovi is one of my favorite artists. Together with Snow Patrol, Lostprophets and Roxette,  they fill the most played top 20 on my iPod. 
6.  But the most played song on my iPod is “Pokerface”, currently with a score of 101x . Yes, I am a little ashamed to admit that Lady Gaga is also one af my favorite mainstream artists.
7. I am quiet mainstraim myself. I do not jump out when it comes to my personal style. I love wearing basic tees and tops. And there is this simple cardigan from zara that I have in truely every colour it comes in. That means I have the same cardigan 11 times…
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  1. 5 February 2011 / 13:43

    that's so sweet (:

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